Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tomato Seed Saving

Here goes my last seed saving installment for this season. If you missed any parts here are the other installments: Bean seed saving and Cucumber seed saving. This post will focus on the tomato seeds I saved this season. Most of my saving was done on varieties that I received in trades early this year with only one being a purchased variety.

Here are all the tomato seeds. They have been drying out on coffee filters since the last of the tomatoes were harvested this fall. Which is slightly neglectful on my part but they will be fine. I have already done a post on tomato seed saving last season so if you are looking for instruction they can be found at the following link.

After drying I place them in coin envelopes that can be picked up at office supply places and label them. To save the best part from last I saved Cherokee Purple from purchased seed, Velvet Red Cherry from seed shared by Dennis, Pork Chop & Pink Berkeley Tie Dye from seed shared by Judy and Purple Calabash from seed shared by Kathy.

*Look for harvest monday bright and early tomorrow.


  1. Hi Dan - I found an online source that still has garlic for too...and at a discount right now. I don't know if they ship to Canada but check out

  2. Thanks for providing those links, Dan. I re-formatted my computer over the weekend, and lost the previosly saved links.

  3. I've got a few tomato seeds saved this year too. I packed them up long ago, but I noticed that my sunflower seeds are still sitting out. I'd better get to them soon.

  4. Thomas - Unfortunately US seed houses can not ship bulbs or tubers across the border, seeds are no problem however. Thanks for the link though, I checked it out and saw some really nice varieties. I will have to look for the 'Persian Star' next season on this side of the border.

    EG - No Problem :-)

    Daphne - I am really bad for procrastinating, I leave everything until the absolute last minute. Some times well beyond the last minute too....

  5. That's a nice selection of seeds and it is fun that you have a bit of other's gardens growing in yours.

    I saved primarily bean and pea seed this year (Sunset runner beans, Jade bush green beans, Cascadia Sugar Snap peas) but also saved some sugar pie pumpkins as well. I am using some of the saved seeds for Christmas gifts to the gardeners on my list. I would love to trade some of my Cascadia sugar snap pea seeds for a few of your Cherokee Purple tomato seeds if you have a few to spare.

  6. Isn't it exciting saving seeds? All that potential stuffed into such small packages.