Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Early this morning there was a lunar eclipse. From what I have read, The last lunar eclipse that fell on the winter solstice was back in 1638, a rare occurrence for sure. I took some photos of the eclipse, both outside and from a second story window. Below are three of the best photos, a little grainy but not bad for a cheap 300mm lens:

Lunar Eclipse 1

Lunar Eclipse 2

Lunar Eclipse 3

Monday, December 13, 2010

Harvest Monday

Over the weekend we had some rain and warmer weather so I was able to dig the rest of the root crops. Good thing I got it done because shortly after it turned really cold again and started to snow. Only four more months of this weather.....

Here are all the fall carrots I planted. There are red, yellow & orange carrots. The red ones are Purple Dragon, they did the best this fall.

I planted these parsnips early in the spring and they grew to be monsters. There is still a 5' row of them in the garden. I am leaving them in, they will either be harvest during a winter thaw or early in the spring.

I also dug the remainder of the celeriac roots. I am looking forward to trying them for the first time. Maybe a celeriac soup will be the first thing on the list.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harvest Monday

Sunday afternoon I managed to dig up a small harvest from the partially frozen ground. In the basket is the last of the fall broccoli, a celeriac bulb, Bright Lights chard & Tuscano kale.

I am hoping for a little bit of a warm up soon so I can dig the rest of the root crops. There is still lots of parsnips, carrots & celeriac in the ground. Looks like Friday maybe a good day to bring in the last of the unprotected crops. The cold seems to be setting in fast this year.