Sunday, November 22, 2009

Harvest Monday

Quick harvest Monday today, harvestable produce is getting pretty slim now. It also seems to be hard to get much veg in me this time of year.

Here is what I picked for Sunday's dinner and it also is all that was harvested during the past seven days. In the bowl is a mix of Merlot & Australian Yellowleaf lettuces, in front are Easter Egg & Black Spanish radishes and standing up are two immature Florence fennel bulbs.

With the harvest I made a mixed greens salad w/ black radish & fennel. Also on the plate is a mix of fingerling potatoes grown by a real farmer and a beef fillet steak wrapped in bacon. mmm bacon.

*update on the new tunnel, I started and completed it Sunday afternoon. I took lots of pictures so I will start working on the write up. I should have it up by Tuesday evening I hope.


  1. That is a nice little salad. I've been resisting eating my veggies too. I'm trying to be good though. Last night I made a stirfry, so go to use a lot of them and I'll eat the leftovers for lunch.

  2. Cannot go wrong with steak, potatoes, and a lovely salad for dinner!

    The harvests may be slimming down - but the greens are still looking really good.

  3. Everything tastes better with Bacon!!!

  4. Your florence fennel bulbs have made me smile...nice one.

  5. Good job still getting a harvest this late in the season so far north. This week, I harvested lettuce, chard, bell peppers, green onions,sorrel and collards.

    On to another subject. I know you've already received it, but I've given you the Honest Scrap Award. Stop by for a look-see.

  6. The harvest may be slim but it's still beautiful! Mmm, mmm, mmm, bacon...

  7. supper was good...I did not like the radishes though... :) Great photos.

  8. Everything's good when it's wrapped in bacon! Lovely-looking meal.
    Look forward to reading about the tunnel.

  9. I love the look of your fennel, Dan. I can't wait to grow some next year. Your dinner looks very delicious...just my kind of meal.

    I can't wait to see your new tunnel design! Mine are holding up well but I'm always looking for new ideas.

  10. Looks like your fennel did better that mine, Dan. Great looking meal ! YUM !
    Ton filet a l'air mignon. he-he ;)

  11. Mmm steak and bacon. You are still getting such a good harvest. The balcony garden is yet to produce too much in the way of edibles. Enjoy the yummy Autumn harvests!

  12. It's quality not quantity in my opinion!

    As such, looks good!

  13. Daphne - I have been trying to harvest all the greens in the garden. It has to freeze some time this year right?

    Chiot's Run - Thanks

    KitsapFG - Greens grow so nice in the fall don't they.

    Ribbit - I bet you can have bacon with every meal in heaven, ;-)

    Mangocheeks - This is my first time tasting and growing fennel. I have a bunch more to harvest and cook, look for them on next mondays harvest.

    Lou Murray's - I try to squeeze every bit of the season out that I can. It won't be long though until the garden is frozen solid. Thanks for the award!

    Michelle - Life wouldn't be worth living without bacon!

    Hendria - Those radishes weren't that bad.

    Sally - Yes, I must get to the tunnel write up, tomorrow I promise.

    Thomas - It was a nice light meal, like summer all over again! I have lots of fennel seed if you would like some.

    Miss M - You lost me on the 'Ton filet a l'air mignon' does it mean Look at your fillet mignon? I don't know how I passed french class ;-) My fennel did pretty well this fall but I still think I need to plant sooner. I have a few more bulbs to harvest that are about 3x the size of these.

    Prue - The harvests are coming in pretty well still. Before long though it will all be frozen, actually we are past due for a really hard freeze.

    Cloud - Thanks, I like eating lightly.

  14. Dan, check out this video on sluggo. This is how I first heard about this product.

    It sounds like a pretty good product. I think I'll order it now, along with some BTK for cutworms as I'm sure that I don't have any on hand when the problems start this spring, I'll be really annoyed with myself.