Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One bed down, All the rest to go!

May 3rd I planted the first bed of the season consisting of Broccoli and Pea's on the trellis behind. I also put in a few lettuce starts. The broccoli is doing well but it has not been the best season for peas. Hopefully they will catch up soon, it has been really dry this spring.

This weekend is the typical planting time for none hardy crops in the area. The plan is to get everything in, we'll see how I do. Lots of pictures to follow when I am done. I am looking forward to home grown veg again!

In other yard news, I have been continuing with my fence building. It has been a long hiatus since completing the north side in 2009. This year I am fencing off the entire yard. The back is done as of May 2nd and this week I am planning on starting the south side. Please disregard the sawdust covered patio....