Monday, July 9, 2012

Harvest Monday

It has been a while since I have done a Harvest Monday post so today seemed like a good day to do one. The heat finally broke today so I was able to get some work done that I have been putting off. I am starting to get the feeling it is going to be one hot summer. This should be good for the garden but not so good for the gardener, one can only remove so much clothing. Here is a series of photos of what I picked today:

Today I harvested all the garlic. It seems kind of early to harvest garlic put it was definitely ready. It is a little small this year, likely due to my December planting.

Amongst the garlic I had a bunch of potatoes come up from last years garden. I swear I got them all last fall :) I'm not complaining though because these mini potatoes will be excellent for dinner tomorrow.

Odds and sods are the first tomatoes of the season, sungold cherries. Along with a few broccoli side shoots and a mini zucchini. These will be added to a salad tomorrow.

Lastly here is a couple heads of broccoli I harvested last week. The broccoli has been great this year. The only issue I have had is I lost a few heads last week to the heat.