Monday, September 16, 2013

Harvest Monday

Today I have a gathering of harvest photos going back to mid August. Harvests have been good since my last post but they have started to wane now. Our first frost generally hits in mid October, at that point all I will have in the garden is rutabaga, celery and possible broccoli if it starts producing again. I'm wishing I put in more cool season crops at this point.

I have already started planning for next year, in particular about tomatoes. I planted two hybrid paste tomatoes and four heirloom tomatoes this year. The hybrids look great and are pumping out the fruit. The heirlooms on the other hand are covered in blight, even the fruit is covered on a few. This winter I am going to find a few hybrid slicing tomatoes to replace half the heirlooms. There has to be a hybrid tomato that tastes as good as an heirloom, so far I have looked at Pink Beauty F1 from Johnny's. Anyone have any suggestions for a good tasting and disease resistant F1?

Here are the photos in no particular order:
Tiger's Eye Beans. They have done well this year. I planted them
a few years ago and they hardly produced. This year I planted two
four foot rows and they produced almost a pound of dry beans.
 Crenshaw Lily F1. Smelled amazing but it was not
very sweet. I just don't think my yard can grow melons.
There is one more developing, hopefully it will be sweet.
Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato. Very large, sweet and productive.