Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harvest Catch Up

Our cool weather has definitely departed now, the last few weeks have been hot and the last couple days have been scorchers. Above is a thermometer shot I took today in the deep shade under the big Maples out back, 36c (97f). Our day time high today was 38c(100f) and close to 46c (115f) with the humidex (heat index) factored in. Now for the task at hand, catching up on what I have harvested lately:

Here are the first cucumbers, Adams Gherkin F1. These
are a parthenocarpic variety that produce cucumbers
without pollination. They are producing very well now

I pulled all the garlic today. Timing their harvest is pretty critical.
They are ready for harvest when the bottom leaves die back leaving
about 5 green leaves on the top. If they are left past this the wrapper
will start deteriorate and the bulbs will not keep.

Here is another first of the season, Dragon Tongue beans.
These are great beans because they keep a nice texture when
cooked. I am still waiting on my Blue Lake Pole beans.

This is the last of the peas because they have all gone crispy
from the heat. I didn't get many pea photos on the blog
this season but they did do well during our cool damp spring.