Thursday, November 26, 2009

More compost banter

After decommissioning my potato bin into a composter I decided to try composting leaves for the first time. So I have been collecting all the fallen leaves onto the back patio. Last week after about 80% of the leaves had fallen I decided to start the compost'in. I fired up the mulching mower (or should I say fight with the mower for :20 to get it going) with the rear bag attached to chop them all up. As the rear bag filled up I kept dumping it out into the compost bin.

There was enough to fill the bin to the top. I am hoping it shrinks down fast so I have a place for the leaves that are still falling. My plan for these is to keep them watered when it has not rained for a while and turn them about once a month. I am guessing they will be ready for the garden by next fall, hopefully just in time to fill it up again with next falls leaves.


  1. That's a lot of leaves in that yard! My best compost pile each year is the one that had the fall leaves added to it. Makes a really good quality compost. I always add some other items to it so it is not just straight leaf mold.

  2. Hi Dan - compost bin looks good. If you add food scraps you should be able to use it in the late spring. The cold weather slows it somewhat but you will be surprised at how quickly you get some good stuff. With the abundance of leaves right now, you should consider putting them in a pile next to your bin. Then you can use them in the spring, or even compost in an open pile. This stuff really shrinks down.

  3. What do the neighbours do with theirs ?

  4. I found that my leaves already reduced down by almost half in the compost bin. They were wet too. I wish I had more.

  5. As Maureen said, if you add some green, the leaves will break down a lot faster. I love it when we can mow the grass and the leaves at the same time, that makes a really hot pile! Leaf mold is great for brassicas, added to the planting hole when transplanting.

  6. Crikey Dan, look at all them leaves!

    You'll be selling your own soil improver next year!

    BTW, thanks for the seeds which arrived today. We're VERY pleased, and look forward to growing both the beans and the Toms. We'll obviously let you know how we get on.

    Still lovin the blog too.

    Keep up the good work.


  7. I used my old potato bin for leaves too. I figure I ought to get more use out of it than just one year.

  8. It will work great Dan! This is what I usually do with all my leaves-except I rake them into the bin whole. It takes one year. They sink pretty fast so you'll be able to add more this year hopefully. I do use the mulch mower but when the bag fills up I simply dump those leaves on the gardens. The shredded leaves seem to stay in place better than the whole leaves. Looks like you have a great many leaves! Before long you'll be mowing and shredding your neighbor's yards for their 'black gold'.

  9. Thanks for all the comments =)

    Miss M - the area behind is just left wild, no rake, mowing or brush clearing. I could gather the leaves if I wanted but I am to lazy to rake our leaves half the time. At times I do go down to collect leaves if I am turning the composter and need carbon.