Thursday, November 12, 2009

Composters on the move

It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to spend the afternoon on some composter work I have been thinking of getting to for a while. With not a cloud in the sky and temps of 8c(46f) it really was perfect weather to do heavy work.

Here is the contents of the composter and where it originally was located. Isn't that a pretty shot, maybe not so much. The heap was about 2/3 finished compost and 1/3 kitchen scrapes. The compost was running quite warm as well which kind of surprised me. I have not added much to the compost since August so it was good to see it was still cooking.

When I moved it I made sure to mix all the finished and unfinished compost to get a good mix. I also did equal layers of dried leaves & compost. I then top it off with the well rotted stuff that was in the bottom. By next spring I should have at least 3 big wheel barrows of compost for the garden.

Its new home is now right beside the backyard gate. It will be much more convenient spot, particular in the winter. I think next spring I will add another one of these black composter right beside this one. They work very well and are excellent at keeping the neighborhood wildlife out. Another plus with these is most cities sell them to residents in the spring for $20 bucks, sounds like a deal to me.

You may remember this structure as my Build As You Grow Potato Bin. Well they are such a ludicrous idea I decided to recycle it into a composter. It took the place of the black barrel composter and will be used to compost only leaves and things that take a while to compost. I built this bin in an irregular shape to fit the raised bed it originally was located in. As it turns out it almost perfectly fits its new irregular spot. Seems like destine to me. Now all I have to do is put the rear bag on my mulching mower and start shredding up my leaves. Leaf mold is in my future!

I will end with a Red Wiggler shot I took well moving the compost, best viewed by clicking the image. There was a few of them wiggling around so that is a good sign the composter is working well. These worms seem to be kind of fickle creatures. Some times I find loads of them, some times just a few and other times none at all.

Happy Composting


  1. I was doing compost today too. I turned one bin over and used part of it to cover a bed. I couldn't believe all the baby worms I had in the bin. I often see worms, but usually huge monsters. This time it was a ton of little tiny ones.

  2. It's the best shot in the lot ! Dan, you prissy boy, you. Be proud of your compost pile, banana peels and all ! :D
    So it turns out you like the black bin after all ? Good. You'll love your (old potato) new compost bin too, I'm sure. It's perfect.

  3. Daphne - it must have been garden blogger compost day!

    Miss M - well I still don't like how hard it is to turn the black bin, that is my main beef. But the black plastic does warm up nicely, the coons can't get in and of course they are cheap, got to love that.

  4. today i found a hands-free small trash can in my basement to use for compost scraps in the kitchen...on a plant-based diet i've got plenty and until now had scraps stored all over the fridge in containers and bags!

    my mom was just asking her hubby to make her a bin...seems like composting has been on the minds of many! =)

  5. Dan, your compost looks very rich. I'm sure it will do a great job next spring.

  6. Only we gardeners can be so in love with piles of rotting stuff! LOL!

    I have found that same thing with worms and my piles too. Sometimes tons of them and other times - not so much.

  7. Your compost looks really great. Mine takes forever to look that good. It's so dry here I have a hard time keeping the compost pile moist. And the bulk of my compost is lavender trimmings and leathery live oak leaves, both of which take forever to break down.

  8. Ah, compost. Food of the Gods, or something!
    I have 3 of those plastic bins in the garden and one on my allotment. However, chicken house clearings mean you need lots of comnposting space!

  9. We emptied our compost bin the other day after it had been 'resting' for more than a year. Lovely dark, crumbly soil scattered with eggshells and the occasional mysterious plastic bag that managed somehow to end up in there?

  10. Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my compost cage for the past few months. I know I should be turning it but it's just one of the garden chores doesn't seem like much fun for me. Hopefully I'll get my act together this weekend.