Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Garden Plans

The weather has been pretty uncooperative this spring which gave me time to do some garden plans. Next week it is suppose to go back to seasonal so hopefully I can start doing some prep work outside.

Lower Beds

Middle Beds

Upper Beds

In addition to the beds I will be planting various containers including half barrels, hanging baskets and terracotta pots. Things that will be potted are Okra, Tomatillos, Potatoes and what ever else I can't find a spot for.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Sowing

Spring is finally here so it is time to catch up on my sowing. Tonight I started Burgundy Okra (seed shared by EG), Anaheim Peppers, Sport Peppers & Green Goliath Broccoli. They are tucked in the heated propagator now in hopes they germinate quickly. Next up will be Peas in Rootrainers and some 3" pots of Herbs.

Super Moon

To wrap up this post, here is a shot of the Super Moon that I took on March 19th. Unfortunately I missed the largest view of the moon when it was at the horizon. The sky did not clear until 11pm and at that time the moon was quite high in the sky.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mixing Homemade Potting Soil

Seed starting is about to get underway again so I needed to mix up some potting soil. I used to just use pro-mix but it gets quite expensive once you start doing alot of potting. You are looking at saving about 50% when you mix your own. Here is my recipe:

Dan's Mix

3 parts peat moss
1 part compost
1/2 part vermiculite
1/4 part pearlite
2 cups dolamitic lime (based on a 23.75 gallon batch, adjust accordingly)

I measure all parts with a 5 gallon bucket, this simplifies the process. The real key to this mix is the dolamitic lime. Peat moss is acidic and the dolamitic lime gently neutralizes the acidity, making for happier seedlings & plants.

I start by screening the peat moss into a wheelbarrow and gradulaty add the dolamitic lime. With that done I screen the compost into the wheelbarrow. Screening is not imparative but it does remove alot of sticks and clumps that little seedlings don't like. Leaving the sticks in also robs the soil of nitrogen as they break down.

When the soil is prepared I then added the vermiculite & pearlite. Then everything is mixed thoroughly with a square shovel.

Here is the final product. It is airy, holds moisture well and should make for some happy plants.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soggy Creek Seed Co. Samples

Last week I got a bit of a surprise in the mail, free seeds! Yan from Soggy Creek Seed Co. was very kind and sent me some more samples. If you recall from last year, they sell organic open pollinated seeds that they rename with rather funny variety names. Who knew seeds could be funny? I will look forward to sowing these seeds this season. Particularly the purple topped turnip, always wanted to try them.

Yan also mentioned in his postcard that he would love to supply some seeds for a seed draw. I will get in contact with him about this and then update everyone.