Friday, October 19, 2012

Garlic Planted!

Fall has arrived so it is garlic time again. This year I am planting at the proper time as appose to last year when I planted in late December, tis tis. I decided to finally give in and order some interesting varieties. It can be kind of expensive to order garlic so normally I would just replanted from the current years crop.

The bed was cleared, turned and amended with my black gold. Then to speed things along I just jabbed in a trowel and stuck the clove in the hole. I am too lazy to dig a trench this year! I put in 6 varieties this year which I will show below. Then the remaining area was planted with my standby variety that has monster sized cloves.

To my surprise Wildfire looks like it might be the best of the bunch. It has two huge cloves per head and is suppose to be really hot. Can't wait for next summer when I can give them a try. If you're interested all the garlic came from Boundary Garlic Farm which has a great selection of organic garlic. I believe they only ship within Canada and you have to order in August, they sell out quickly.