Monday, August 27, 2012

Harvest Monday

Here goes another Harvest Monday post. Below is a collection of harvests since my last post. The garden is still chugging along and I am happy to have beans coming in again. It has still been really dry, the only good news is the temperature has cooled a bit.

 Dragon Tongue Beans.
 Tomatoes starting at the left: Sudduth's Strain Brandywine, Kellogg's 
Breakfast, Pink Berkley Tie Dye and Better Boy.
 Slicing Cucumbers.
 Black Summer F1 Pac Choi, Pink Berkley Tie Dye Tomato and
Dragon Tongue Beans.
 Kellogg's Breakfast Tomatoes. They have been a real performer this year!
 Purple Podded & Blue Lake Pole Beans.
 Slicing Cucumbers and Better Boy Tomatoes.
More Dragon Tongue Beans... They are an excellent producer
and in my opinion the best tasting bean.
In other news I started a bunch of fall crops in pots a while ago and they are just about ready to plant in the garden. The polytunnel has also been all cleaned up and it is ready to go in the garden. I'll be planted everything this week so I'll get a post up about the fall stuff later this week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harvest Recap

Today I am doing a recap of harvests since my last Harvest Monday post. The garden is doing well overall, it is certainly liking all the heat we have had this year. The stars of the show are Tomatoes and Cucumbers! They have been coming on fast. The only warm season crop that I am still waiting on is beans. I should have some Dragon Tongue beans this week but the pole beans are just starting to flower now. Photos follow:

Harvested today, Kellogg's Breakfast, Giant Belgium, Pink Berkley Tie Dye 
and a bunch of Better Boy tomatoes. 

Also today, a bunch of slicing cucumbers & Sungold cherries.

Slicing cucumbers, Sungold cherries & Better Boy tomato.

I harvested these broccoli side shouts a few weeks ago. They all
went in the compost because the heat made them taste awful.

Slicing cucumbers and a big zucchini. This was the last 
zucchini because the plant shriveled up and died shortly after.

These two were the first full sized tomatoes of the season on July 16th.
They are Better Boy tomatoes and they turned out to be really good. 
I picked the plant up on a whim at the nursery and I am glade I did.

More slicing cucumbers and zucchini.... 

On another note, is it just me or is this new post creator really buggy and annoying? The photos seem to not like to move and it is close to impossible to place text below photos. Any trick for getting around this?