Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Last of the Colour

With the fall weather being so fair many plants have been hanging onto life and some are even still blooming. We have had many frosts this fall but they all seemed to be rather light. It is nice to still have blooms around even if the plants are looking a little worse for ware.

Calibracho (hanging baskets)

Bacopa (hanging baskets)

Primula (it thinks it's spring)

Icicle Pansies

Echinacea, not quite giving up

Chrysanthemum (second floor window box)



'Vancouver Centennial' Geranium (Annual)

Hardy Geranium

Strawberry Foliage

Merlot Lettuce


  1. very nice. do you use the echinacea as an herbal remedy? i hear its an immune system booster.

  2. I love how the merlot lettuce made it into the photo grouping of flowers and ornamentals! Some vegetables are truly ornamental too.

  3. I really haven't given much thought about flowers and ornamentals for next year, and frankly, I've never been really good about caring for them. I guess for me, if you can't eat it, then there's less of an incentive to water it...which is a sad way to think since I love traditional European potagers and their use of both flowers and edibles.

  4. I love heucheras. I must have half a dozen, all different. We have had a mild autumn here this year and many flowering plants have continued or had another flush of flowers - very cheerful in the dark days!

  5. I think the only things blooming in the garden right now are my johnny-jump-ups and my roses. The last time I looked the roses had more buds on them. Silly things. In a week I think it will all be over. Right now the prediction is for Thursday night to start having freezes at night instead of just frost and only 40F for daytime temps. That ought to freeze our soil pretty good and kill any remaining flowers.

  6. It is nice to see some color still..before the long cold winter sets in.

  7. Looks just like my garden! I like that there's still some color around, but in the same way I'm ready for winter. Give me a blanket of snow!

  8. Kelli - I have not used echinacea before, I just planted this one this past summer. I should look into it though!

    KitsapFG - I really like the merlot lettuce. It has turned kind of bitter though now that a few frosts have hit it.

    Thomas - I started growing ornamentals first, indoors and out. After starting veggie gardening a few years ago the ornamentals get less and less attention. I can live without indoor plants now but will always have a place for perennial borders.

    Veg Heaven - I think I have about same amount if you count the ones that are coral bell/foam flower crosses. They are great little plants.

    Daphne - They are predicting some snow next week so it won't be long off here either. Tis the season right.

    Hendria - Winter is not long off thats for sure

    Chiot's Run - I have been thinking some snow would be nice too. The landscape is so grey and brown some snow will make everything look much better.

  9. It's amazing that you know all these plants. Great photos!