Friday, June 14, 2013

The Garden in June

Today seemed like a good day to update on the veggie patch. The remaining warm season crops were planted between the end of May and Beginning of June.  The last few days all the beans started breaking ground. Things are progressing slowly this year! I do hope everything start growing a little faster soon. Here are a series of photos of the garden:
 Overview, June 14
 Tomatoes, Peppers & Crenshaw Melons under the trellis.
 Lettuce, Snap Peas, Chinese Celery & Cucumbers under the trellis.
 Rutabaga, for fall harvest.
 Peppers, Bush & Pole Beans.
 Beans & Garlic.
 Herbs, Tomatilloes, Rhubarb and Pumpkins under the trellis.
In other news: This month I also completed the last section of fence in the yard, all 36" of it. If you have been reading here for a while you may recall I started fencing the yard in the Fall of 2008. Section by section and with a little neglect mixed in it is finally complete!