Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wee Veggies

Dragon Tongue Beans. The other beans still are not up
after 2 weeks......

Big Chili II, almost not a wee veggie

Jimmy Nardello pepper

Broccoli Head


Cherokee Purple Tomato

Siletz tomatoes, 2 of the 6 that just started growing

Sungold Tomato seedling. This is a really late start but it
should produce something by the end of July I hope. You
may also notice the baby broccoli fuzzed out in the
background, more about them later.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's big veggies post


  1. Such cute little veggies. I have lots of them around the garden too. Now we just need them to grow up.

  2. Cute! Wondering what will be your big veggies!

  3. This immediately made me think of an old SNL skit with Patrick Stewart and Mike Meyers entitled "If it's not Scottish, it's crap". There were 3 Scottish sizes for anything... "Wee", "Not So Wee", and "Friggin' Huge". Hope your "Wee's" grow into "Friggin' Huge's". :)

  4. Ive had a garden for 20 years but this is the first year Ive grown broccoli. Every morning while still in my robe I run to the garden to see whats happened. I am anxiously waiting for that first broccoli head! It will feel just like Christmas when that thing finally makes it appearance on the first plant!

  5. I always get so excited when the first small veggies start to show. Everything you have is looking great! -Jackie

  6. LOL! I just did a blog post about my small tomato fruits forming! It's always fun to watch them grow from seed to harvest... but the most exciting time is when they are "wee" veggies.

    Hmmm... so tomorrow is "big" veggie day.... you have my curiousity going on what those will be?!

  7. great photos, amazed at how far along your veggies are , wee or not.

  8. Dan, before you know it - they'll be huge. Can't wait for the next post!

  9. Dan -

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog - I found you through "Skippy" and I wanted to say thanks for the photos. I'm not a true first time gardener but in a way I guess I am since I have vegetables growing that I never thought I would see in my back yard - I have gone way beyond the requisite peppers, tomato and corn and with your photos, I know what to look for as my plants develop!


    Karen in DE (Zone 6b)

  10. I'm jealous of your budding broccoli head (though I know you planted yours a few week earlier than mine)!

    Looking forward to the next post.

  11. My beans took (and are taking) a long time! I never noticed their reluctance to emerge before.

  12. Your Cherokee Purple are already setting fruit. Mine are just blooming. Your humidity must be higer, you must be South of me, or it is crazy luck. They look great!