Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursdays Garden Meal

Thursdays meal post has been on hiatus lately for a few reasons. The first being that I have not had enough variety that is ready for harvest in the garden. The second being that I have been on a renovating rampage lately trying to finish numerous unfinished jobs around the house. So with a combination of being to busy & with the kitchen out of commission there has not been a lot of cooking going on.

Today I decided to make a garden meal because I couldn't resist all the things that are ready for harvest, a fella gots to eat right. This Thursdays meal is Garden Stir Fry, here is the recipe:

The Harvest

Two of the smallest broccoli heads
Two onion set thinnings
A handful of Sugar Snap Peas
One Anaheim Chili that unfortunately had zero heat

The Recipe


Brown Rice
Green Onions
Sugar Snap Peas
Toasted Sesame Oil
Oyster Sauce
Soy Sauce

Start by cooking the rice, brown rice will take 45-60 minutes to soften. Once the rice is on cut up the chicken and marinate with soy sauce & sesame oil in the fridge. Then prep the veg into bit size pieces and don't forgot to add the broccoli stems as well. When the rice is almost cooked start cooking the chicken on high heat. Once the chicken is almost cooked add broccoli, the white part of the onion, garlic and chili to the wok with a little water for steam. Cook these ingredients until just tender. Then add the green part of the onion, the sugar snap peas, oyster sauce and some sesame oil and cook until just heated through. Serve on rice.

The end result is a stir fry that has tender broccoli with still crisp and sweet snap peas, yum.

*stay tuned for tomorrows garden mystery......


  1. Looks tasty, Dan! I prefer my broccoli uncooked - especially in salads. I can't wait for the garden mystery!

  2. I love stir-fry. Such a great way to use a variety of fresh things from the garden and with the use of different sauce choices and mixing up the use of rice noodles and rice - the combinations and tastes are almost limitless.

    The garden meals looks wonderful and I too am looking forward to checking back tomorrow for the garden mystery!

  3. i had stir-fry tonight, too! just veggies, but no garden veggies, though - only garden herbs. where did you get your broccoli seeds?

  4. MMMM!!! Looks so DELICIOUS!!! :)

    So jealous of ur harvest ;P

  5. Delicious! I'll trade you some of my hot peppers. I have no idea why I grew those things. There's no way we're eating them.

  6. Your meal looks delicious. I had a garden stir fry last night too. Mostly I was trying to use up some of my prolific peas. Sadly no broccoli.

  7. That's look like one of our regular garden lunches. MMM, I love veggies like that over couscouse. Such a quick healthy meal!

  8. Kelli - these are 'Green Goliath' Broccoli and the seed came from William Dam Seeds.