Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Blogger Bloom Day

I decided to participate in Garden Bloggers Bloom day which is hosted by May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of each month. I want to participate every month this year but I have already missed May.

June's Window Box, lets see if it will grow to the brick again like last year.

One of the two urns out front. They have grown nicely since planting them a few weeks ago.

Pansies on the front porch. These have done well in the cool spring we had. They will however become compost soon as the weather warms. You may see I have some deck & porch painting to do this summer.

Jacob's Ladder, these blooms have an amazing smell. Believe it or not these are blooming well growing in a shopping bag. I dug them up about a month ago to make way for the fence and have not replanted yet. Tough plant for sure.

Green Arrow Shell Pea. They are blooming like crazy and are a very productive & sweet variety.

Crimson Flowered Broad Beans. I have finally found a couple beans growing. They also have black aphids which is unavoidable with these plants from what I have read. I will start spray with soapy water tonight.

Northern Lights Azalia. It has grown very slowly but I am not complaining as these plants really don't like our climate or soil.

Coral Bell

Hardy Variegated Geranium

Nora Barlow Columbine. I will have seed available from this plant if anyone is interested in a trade??

Ladies Mantel. This is the full sized version, I have a dwarf one out back that I like much more.

Blue Eyed Grass. I picked this up on a whim and am very happy I did. What a nice little plant and is very hardy to even prairie weather.

To end things off here is the first bloom on the Peony I planted over 3 years ago. The single flowered ones are my favorite. I think it needs a pink friend though after seeing so many pink single ones blogged about.


  1. It's all looking beautiful Dan!

  2. Beautiful photos for today's GBBD. Are your pansies growing in an enamel pot? I am always looking for ideas for different types of containers!

    I once grew Jacob's ladder and did not know it had a smell. How did that get by me??

    Your columbine is something I have eyed for years now and would love to do a trade if you are interested as I most certainly am! :)

  3. Love the Lady's Mantle, it's one of my faves. Such an overlooked lovely accent in the garden. My mom's neighbor has mounds of it all over her gardens and it's quite breathtaking right now.

  4. Wow, glad you did join in the fray this time! Lovely flowers in the garden. That window box is amazing!

  5. What a wonderful display ! Great pics as always, Dan. Superb.

    I see folks queueing up for columbine seeds already ! He-he :D

  6. Very pretty and what a great variety! I am very happy with how our front flower pots turned out this year - my daughter did the variety selection and planting and they look great. Now if only I could get her to water them?!

  7. Lady's Matle is possibly my favourite lant. It makes any bunch of garden flowers into a flower arrangement!

    I've found that the Crimson Flowered broad beans are more resistant to blackfly than the white flowered type. So far this year (with fingers crossed) I've not had any.

  8. I love those flowers in your urn, so pretty. I'm glad you couldn't resist putting in some veggie flowers too. I think some of them are just as pretty as the ornamentals. Last year I had squash blooming and those flowers really rival any daylily. Sadly this year My squash are tiny because of all the cold weather. They aren't nearly close to blooming.

  9. What nice combination of plants in your various planters. I've been hesitant to plant in many planters this year because of the ground hogs. I feel like its money down their throats.

    I wish now I'd gotten a better camera. My closeups often blur up when I use the macro. Any suggestions?

  10. Every thing looks great Dan.


  11. I love the window box! Your camera takes awesome closeups - so clear and sharp. -Jackie

  12. Great photos Dan....the garden is looking really good.