Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Photography

My Tuesdays photography post has been on hiatus for a while so I thought I would snap some photos well grilling dinner. I decide to only include ornamental plants around the yard this time and I will start will the potted plants.

Here is how the front urns & window box are planted this year. I am included these as requested by Susy at Chiot's Run. I was commenting about how I planted veggies in the front planters on her post about edibles in the ornamental garden and She asked if I could post photos of them. The edibles in the planters are Tuscano Kale and Cardoon. Also in the mix are Calibrachoa, Bacopa & Zinnia's all in orange, red & yellow tones.

Here are the back urns in front of the shed, how swank right. They have spring pansies and will be changed out to summer plantings soon.

This is a cement pot in the back shade border. It is planted with a mix of impatiens this year.

This is the first bloom on the marigolds I started from seed.
The seed is from Skeeter at In The Garden

Siberian Iris


Hosta 'June'

Cimicifuga ramosa

Northern Lights Azalea

Bleeding Heart w/ Pulmonaria in the foreground

Chandelier Primula, this was just planted. As it matures it
will bloom in multiple rings up the stem.

Fuchsia in a hanging basket

Rodgersia & Hosta 'June'

Painted Fern


  1. That Columbine is lovely. I only have the wild purple ones that self seed around here.

  2. Oh how I love Tuesday photography day! Love the photo with the beautiful flowers in the bird bath! great idea!

  3. Dang, Dan....you sure do take some nice photos!

  4. The columbine is magnificient, indeed ! Nice variety of hostas in the shade border. Love the azalea. Everything is looking really lovely.
    Mixing edibles with ornamentals is great and your border is looking fabulous, chiot's run.
    I plan to include a couple of edibles in my borders this year, but will be focusing more on mixing ornamentals in with the veg.

  5. Columbine and Fushchias - two of my all time favorite flowering plants! Thanks for the Tuesday eye candy!

  6. Great photos. I love seeing the flowers from the veggie garden folks. Sometimes it seems like all we grow is vegetables, but it isn't so.

  7. I've gotta join the club. The columbine is extra special. It's a prettier bloom than the ones I've seen before.

  8. Everything is looking so pretty. I added Columbine to my garden this year and am happy with it thus far. Oh, look at that baby marigold opening up its eyes! I am glad you had luck with the seeds. Getting things to start from seed can be tricky but you seem to have the magic touch! Spring has sprung for you!

  9. Great photos and nice container arrangements. I wish I had planned better; I would have more color around my house this time of year.

  10. Dan, thank you for adding me to your blog roll! Love your photos! Toni

  11. Dan great photos, it would be nice to see a panoramic photo.


  12. Great ornamentals Dan, you are truly the complete gardening package! Bravo.

    My brother's been looking for a June Hosta (I think that's the one he wants). It's cool!

    Great work.

  13. Great Photos Dan. The gardens are really looking good this year.

  14. Thanks for all the comments. I will get some panoramic photos up once everything is weeded. You see, close ups shots are very good at covering up for a slacking gardener :-)