Friday, June 19, 2009

Fall Seedling Photo's

The Fall seedlings I started May 29th are well on their way. They will all be planted into the garden some time in July. They are all replacing crops that are currently in the garden so I can not pin point a date for planting.

'Early Dividend' Broccoli seedlings. These will replace the current
'Green Goliath' Broccoli when they are harvested.

'Jade Cross Hybrid' Brussels Sprouts to be
planted with the second crop of Broccoli.

'Musselburgh' Leeks to replace the garlic after harvest.

The last of the early started fall crops are Red Celery. Kind of
hard to see but they are in there and almost a month old. Looks
like I need to cut the lawn after these photos.

This evenings garden activities included sowing the Kentucky Blue & Purple Podded Poles Beans that I pre-sprouted. I hope the second sowing goes better, the weather is supposed to really warm up next week so that should help them along. I also sowed a row of Detroit Dark Red Beets in place of the Vermont Cranberry Beans that unfortunately rotted in the soil. I will grow the beets to full size and harvest this fall as storage beets.


  1. Wow...starting fall crop already? You really have a short summer! I'll start my seeds for the fall crop around August 1st.

  2. EG - These are just the extra early fall crops, the celery & leeks are both well over 100 days to harvest. The broccoli I am starting earlier this year after having such poor results. The broccoli really doesn't do anything in the low light of fall.

  3. You are so organized. Here I am and not even finished planting summer crops and you are on fall crops already. Good job.

  4. I'm learning about fall and summer crops. I'm around the same zone as EG here in Atlanta, so I may be jumping the gun a bit by starting my Green Goliath broccoli this week (they wilted today in the 90 degree heat), but my family eats broccoli all the time. They'll love me for it I'm sure. Thanks for the update!

  5. Thinking ahead to the next phase of the garden is important if you want a steady harvest for as long a period as possible. Good work Dan.

    I was just giving some thought about whether I want to start some overwintering onions this weekend or wait a week or so.

  6. I've started my fall crops too, but they are just little tiny seedlings right now. Yours look wonderful. I hope your beans work out.

  7. Ah, I need to tknow about those beets! Myself and my daughter love them but I've never grown them.

  8. Hehe, I am following KitsapFG's lead this year since I had horrible results last year waiting too late. That said, I am more in the you're planting now! camp hehe.

    Great looking seedlings through. Great work!

  9. i am so jealous of you broccoli growers! =)hopefully next year i'll have the space. how long have you been gardening, dan?

  10. Tina - I still have some summer crops left to plant too. It is warming up next week so it will be great timing for me to get them in.

    Kalena - There is nothing better then fresh broccoli that is for sure. It will be part of tomorrows dinner!

    KitsapFG - That was my thought with the leeks to be able to harvest them early winter or spring. I hope they do well, I have never grown leeks before. I've heard they grow very slowly.

    Daphne - The broccoli you started shouldn't take long to grow. These ones are growing like crazy seeing as they are not even 30 days old.

    Dawn - Beets are really easy to grow. Just space the seed about an inch apart. Once they have a few leaves thin them about three to four inches apart and let them grow.

    Sinfonian - This years late crops are actually going to produce... I hope :-)

    Kelli - I have been interested in gardening my whole life. I am part Dutch so I think it is bred into me. The vegetable thing has been a newer hobby, I started with tomatoes in pots 6 years ago and started the raised beds 2 years ago now.

  11. My leeks and broccoli seem to be at about the same stage as yours. I managed to get my leeks in yesterday. These are two crops that just take ages to mature, but definitely worth the wait.

  12. I must agree taht you are so organised with your plantings. Do you have a print out sheet you work from or do you just wing it each day? That sure is a pretty marigold in the background of each photo ;-)