Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesdays Photography

After pondering whether to do Tuesdays photography or not I decided to partake as I have not posted one in a while. So after two trips to home depot, the second due to their unorganized shelves, getting take out, cutting trim work for the kitchen & planting my late started 'Sungold' tomato I took some picture. The light was really low so I was shooting at 800 ISO so things are a little grainy. This Tuesdays photography is all about the veggie patch:

Green Arrow Shelling Pea

Sugar Snap Pea

Crimson Flowered Broad Bean, seed from Down on the Allotment

Nasturtium closing up for the night

Borage, came up from my seedy compost.

The first cucumber forming, I was very excited to see this.

Garlic Bulbets forming on the scapes.

Pink Berkley Tie Dye Tomato, seed from Judy's SFG

Tomorrow's zucchini blossoms, no females yet though.


  1. Beautiful as always, Dan. I loved the first of the pea blossom. Those always remind me of ballerinas.

  2. Dan, the pictures are lovely (as usual!). There is such beauty in the small details if one looks closely at our veggie gardens. Thanks for the Tuesday eye candy.

  3. I've never grown broad beans before so I didn't know they had such a lovely crimson flower. These are great shots! Thanks! -Jackie

  4. I always love your photos. I think I broke my camera today. I'm always hanging it on a garden fence post, so I have it handy at all times. I forgot it today, and turned on the sprinklers. It's not good :-(

  5. Uh-oh, Granny, that's not good indeed !

    Fabulous pics as always, Dan !

    I'm curious about the borage. They say comfrey liquid feed is a top notch fertilizer. Isn't borage in the same family ? (or vice versa). Do you ever use it as a fertilizer ?

  6. It's lovely to go round the garden with a camera isn't it? You notice the detail. Gorgeous pictures.

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely photo's. The garlic looks almost alien. :)

  8. Happy canada day:)

  9. Beautiful pea picture, and I learned something new. I didn't know that bulblets grew on the garlic scapes. I hope you'll take a picture when it finishes growing.

  10. Those are just incredible. You have a real talent that not a lot of people can do.


  11. I hope your greenfinger rubs off over here!