Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays Photography

As mentioned in my Monday post, here is the start of my weekly photography post. I am constantly taking picture in the yard and quite often they are not on topic for my post so they are never shared. So every Tuesday I will now post a few photos that I have taken in the yard, things like veggies, plants, flowers or birds.

Morning dew in the cold frame.

'Green Arrow' Shell Pea taking hold.

Kohlrabi taken in morning light.

Viola in the front border with Daffodils in the background.

Yellow-rumped Warbler in one of the large Maples behind us.


  1. Nice photos, especially the warbler. They are SO hard to get photos of!

  2. I agree with Sande - the warbler picture is great! Thanks for the nice eye candy - the pictures are fun.

  3. The weekly photography post is very good idea and your photos beautiful!

  4. I love the warbler photo too, especially since I just saw the first one come in to my yard a couple of days ago. They are such pretty birds.

  5. Sande - It seems the smaller the bird the more they move. I had to chase this one all over the place.

    KitsapFG - Glade you liked the photos

    CityGarden - Thanks

    Daphne - Warblers are nice little birds, I was happy to see this one out back.

  6. Great photos...like the morning dew... :)