Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seedling Show & Tell

Mister Early Tomato, Siletz is the variety and it was started in early
February around Valentines Day. Starting tomorrow, warm weather
is forcasted so he will be vacationing outside during the day.

Mister Early Tomato now has three sets of flower clutches.
With some luck maybe they will set at least a couple fruit.

The Peppers lineup, From big to small: Big Chili II, Jimmy Nardello, Ancho
& the new comer Purple Beauty from Annie's Kitchen Garden . I now have
four Purple Beauty seedlings, they are just starting to get true leaves so
they should be catching up within a couple weeks. I have also just ordered
'Sport Pepper' seeds, like the pickled peppers that are put on Chicago hot dog's.

Eggplants, Rosa Bianca. Last years eggplants didn't grow at all,
these ones are looking much more promising.

The tomatoes that I started on March 20th. They will be
potted up very soon as they a growing like weeds. My only
problem is I am not sure if I have space for them in larger pots.

Here is an over view of the basement jungle.
Things are getting tight, is it frost free outside yet?

Below are photos of almost all the cole crops that are in the cold frame. They will all be planted out between April 20th to May 1st. I can't wait!

From left to right we have Shelling Peas 'Green Arrow', Crimson Flowered
Broad Beans from Down on the Allotment & Snap Peas 'Sugar Snap'
in the plastic cell packs.

Broccoli, Green Goliath. I potted them up about a week ago and
placed them in the cold frame. They have stocked up very nicely.

From left to right we have Tuscano Kale, Brussels Spouts 'Jade Cross Hybrid'
& Kohlrabi 'Kolibri' which is looking rather leggy even though it has been
grown in the cold frame.

From left to right we have Shallots 'Armador' & Yellow Onions 'Prince'.
About a week ago I gave them a trim, watered them with some strong
fertilizer as onions are heavy feeders and placed them in the cold frame.


  1. Oh yeah....those plants are looking nice! Way to go, Dan! Maybe you can get them out soon. How's the tunnel project coming along?

  2. I like the pepper line up. Such huge ones and also the little tiny ones.

    I keep seeing everyone's huge tomato plants. Mine are still tiny little things just getting their first true leaves. I haven't even started my eggplant yet.

  3. Go Mr Early tomato. Those are some impressive looking seedlings Dan. Just think in a few months time ..,

  4. Everything looks really nice. Hope they all transplant as well and give loads of good produce!

  5. Plants are looking great. I pushed my peppers a little too fast and now I'm paying for it as a few have bit the dust since I put them in the garden. I still have time if I need to plant more. By the way...I just mailed you a package, look for it around Friday.

  6. Wow. Your March 20th tomato plants are several times the size of my March 20th tomato plants. But I'm a first time seed starter, so I'm just thrilled that the plants are sill growing!

  7. EG - The poly tunnel is sitting behind me right now in the office. It is built but I have not put the plastic on yet. I take ages to complete anything, not sure if I have mentioned that before. Hope to have a completion post up about it by next week.

    Daphne - The tomatoes I started march 20th are growing like crazy. The biggest pepper was started in February and all the rest were started during March. If I didn't have the MH grow light I probably wouldn't start things so early. It will be interesting to see if starting early makes any difference once summer sets in.

    Prue - I can't wait to see them in a few months, they may be bigger them me.

    Sande - Thanks.

    Dennis - Peppers can be pretty testy to the cold. I will keep checking the mailbox.

    Waystar - The tomatoes really have gone crazy. I am actually hoping they slow down a bit.

  8. I love the indoor jungle. I tend to keep on acquiring or starting plants until it is full. Hopefully, you don't have that problem :)

  9. Those seedlings looks so good Dan!

  10. Don't look now... but your green thumb is showing! :D

    Everything is looking very good and you certainly have been getting good results with the heat lovers - tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. My peppers are just now getting some decent growth on them and I am going to pamper them by leaving them on the heat mat and under lights for quite a while longer yet before moving them to their final home in the greenhouse containers.

  11. All I can say is "WOW!". You're way ahead of me when it comes to healthy, stocky seedlings. I have a lot to learn ;-)

  12. Dan, I hope the weather is on the way to improvement. Been a long winter..... what a joy your jungle must be.....all looking very good.

  13. Red - I think I past the full point about 2 weeks ago. My bulb has really diminished in intensity as you can see by the plants being right in the shade. A new one will be in order next fall.

    Tina - Thanks

    KitsapFG - I think I was born gardening, ha. The heat lovers do so well because of Metal Halide grow light, it gives off lots of strong, hot light.

    Granny - Thanks.

    Rosemary - The jungle is very nice during the winter. I am hoping last week will be the end of the really cold weather.

  14. Amazing looking seedlings. Bravo! Love your setup too. Beats the heck out of the one I threw together from the internet, hehe.

  15. Sinfonian - Thanks. The light does work very well with warm season crops, not so much for the cole crops though.