Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Afternoon Spent Potting Up

Today it is finally raining. Our area has had below normal precipitation since our February thaw so it is nice to see a whole day of rain. They are forecasting 20mm (3/4") of rain today and scattered showers for Tues & Weds as well. I am one happy gardener.

Being that cold rain is not the best to garden in I spent the late afternoon potting up my tomatoes. Most of them have grown rather large and need more root room as well as foliage space.

Above we have the patients, they are as follows:

The Big:
  • Hillbilly Potato Loaf, Suddath's Strain Brandywine, Giant Belgium, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, Beauty King, Variegated, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple
The Small but healthy:
  • Black Zebra, Purple Calabash, Chocolate Strips
The Weak:
  • 3 Jersey Devil's
I potted up everything but the three small plants. The small plants I will let grow in their current pots until they are larger. I frankly wish all my plant were the size of the smaller ones, they take up much less room.

I always pot up the tomatoes once before planting out. I making sure it is done about 30 days before they will be transplanted outdoors so they can root into their new pot. I seed them in 2x2x3 square pots and they grow in those pots until the become top heavy or start drying out to fast. Then I pot them into the 4" deep square pots. I also remove the bottom leaves and pot them as deep as possible.

Here they are potted up and looking a little floppy after their ordeal.

I will end with the Varigated Tomato from Veggie Patch Re-imagined.
It is the best formed tomato and is rather cool looking. I can't wait
to taste its stripped fruit.


  1. Your tomatoes are looking great Dan :-) I also pot mine up at least once before transplanting them into the garden. I can't wait to see how your tomatoes do this year since we'll be growing a couple of the same varieties.

    That is so cool -- a variegated tomato!

  2. I have some Cherokee purple growing indoors. They are more sensitive to water, but bounce back quickly. They don't like a lot of nutrients and are really wild and viney. I love crazy tomato varieties!

  3. We are getting some much needed rain tonight and tomorrow. My beds are getting really dry so I'm happy for the rain, but I'll miss the sun since it will keep raining into Thursday morning.

  4. Your tomatoes look great. Mine have a long way to go compared to yours. Hopefully we'll get some of that rain tonight.

  5. You are such a good 'doctor' to your patients. My plants should be so lucky!

  6. Glad you got some much needed rain. We have had an over abundance of it this winter - so I have been dancing for joy at some sunshine. We each have our garden needs!

    I have tomatoes that were not planted out in my garden that go to family and friends that need to be repotted too. I had to do some chores tonight after work so it did not get done - but I am hoping to take care of that tomorrow.

  7. I was also happy to see the rain...The names of your tomatoes are so intriging.

  8. I love the variegated tomato. I'm a huge fan of any kind of variegated plant.

  9. My tomatoes are still really small - I planted them much later this year as the weather has been so cold. Your plants look great. I hope you have a good harvest!

  10. Great looking tomatoes. Mine are a few weeks behind yours, but I'm also growing Cherokee Purple, so we'll have to compare notes.

    I'm so happy the rain has come to New England, especially since the water in my community garden hasn't been turned on yet.

  11. Judy - The variegated tomato is pretty cool. I have heard they are suppose to not taste the greatest but that is always subjective.

    Red - I have grown the cherokee purple variety for 5 years now, it is a wonderful tomato. Never indoors though, that might be tried this fall.

    Daphne - I have just transplanted a few shrubs & perennials so I very much welcome the rain.

    Emily - Next year I will not be starting so early. Tomatoes grow so fast it really isn't necessary.

    Tina - Now if the doctor could just remember to keep them watered, I have forgotten a few times. Its good they are potted up now and will need less care.

    KitsapFG - Being in the PNW it must make you really appreciate the sun. I would certainly miss the sun we get here, maybe not the cold though.

    Rosemary - I have a thing for strange tomatoes. Some of them certainly have interesting names.

    Chiot's Run - I am a big variegated plant fan as well. I usually find variegated plants don't perform as well as their peers but this one sure does.

    Liz - Thanks, I can't wait for the first tomato.

    Sally - You will love the Cherokee Purple, it is a great tomato.

  12. I seem to be potting up tomatoes almost daily as they are growing so fast at the moment. Sadly, neither of my tie-dye seeds germinated but I do have one Dixie golden plant. Hope your broad beans will be showing some flower soon.

  13. Matron - The sucks that they did not germinate. A lady above commented about ordering them and her whole pack didn't germinate. I guess I was lucky to get one plant to germinate. I will save seed this year and send you some for next season.