Thursday, April 16, 2009

Outdoor Planting & Seedlings

As forcasted the warm weather has arrived and will stick around for a few days. This is great as I have been putting off my veggie garden building projects as its been to chilly. This afternoon I was able to cross a few things off my list:
  • finished building the addition three raised beds, now they just need filling
  • planted a row of 'French Breakfast' Radish
  • planted the following cold frame crops outside, Mesculin Mix Lettuce, 'Tauro' Radicchio in a terracotta container & 'Kolibri' Kohlrabi
  • planted the second seeding of lettuce in the oak barrel
Here are some photo's I took during the afternoon:

The last raised bed half way through finishing it.

Mesclun Mix Lettuce. After planting & watering I
covered them with row cover to reduce transperation.

'Tauro' Radicciho planted with some onion sets.

Little kohlrabi's being planted out. I spaced them in a
stagered block about 6" apart. One 'Romanesco' Broccoli
will be planted on either side around May 15th.

The oak barrel greenhouse, running at 35c (95f). Solar power!

Mister Early Tomato catching some rays.

One of the two rows of spinach that germinated last week.

'Easter Egg' Radish. Also germinated last week, right through the snow.

Well doing what I do best, taking a break, this butterfly kept landing on me.
After the third time it landed on me I went and got the camera to photograph
the fourth visit.

Over the next couple days I will finish the BAYG Potato Bin & dig out the new raised beds to be refilled with good soil. I also need to get the rest of the perennial borders cleaned out. I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of. Of course I will have to fit in lots of patio breaks too.


  1. Dan, I'm really glad you're finally getting to do some planting. I've decided to grow my potatoes in the compost bins next year.

  2. That butterfly pic is the bomb! He was certainly persistant to return four times to you.

    The plantings and bed construction projects are all really coming along nicely. With the new beds - what is your total growing area now?

    Glad you got a break in the weather and could play in the dirt for a bit.

  3. Wow Dan, great post, new beds and a new garden buddy that flies, great work! Can't wait to see your BAYGBins!

    Funny that while I was writing this I got an email that you had just posted on my blog. Funny!

  4. Wow you are getting up to so much in the garden. Though I don wonder - what passes for warm weather over there? I'm complaining about the 18 degree celcius days here ...

  5. EG - That's a good idea to plant potatoes in your compost. Why not use the space right.

    KitsapFG - I have seen these butterflys a few times this spring. They seem to be rather attracted to people. You know, I have never actually calcualated the size of the garden. I will tomorrow and add it to the raised beds post that is coming.

    Sinfonian - Can't wait to get the bin growing and to get the lumber out of the basement. We do seem to run on the same schedule although in different time zones.

    Prue - The garden is consuming a lot of time lately. For spring 18c is a very warm day although not record breaking. We do get pretty warm here in the summer, at times 40-45c with nasty humidity. We're on the metric system here too.

  6. You have been busy on such a warm day........ Love the butterfly stopping by to say Hi.

  7. We have the mourning cloak butterflies all over the woods right now. They never slow down for me to take a photo though. Three new beds must be so exciting.

  8. Love the last photo! A perfect way to finish out the day!

  9. Wow, you're really busy! All your seedlings look great. As always, I'm behind on my seed sowing and have yet to drop some pea seeds into the ground. This weekend, I swear! I hope your Pink Berkeley Tie Dye came up - mine were a bust, however, Brad from Wild Boar Farms sent me another packet. I'll give them another shot next year as I'm already coming up to 4 weeks before last frost. So exciting!

  10. Rosemary - Certainly lots of do this time of year, I have to build a fence on top of it all too.

    Daphne - This one was catching the suns rays early in the evening so it was sitting still for about 5 minutes at a time. The new beds are exciting, I still think I need more space though.

    Chiot's Run - It was fun to watch. Glade it came back for its photo.

    Kathy - The pink berkeley tie dye is growing well, hope you have better luck with your new pack of seed. Maybe you could try a late planted tomato. I can't wait to be frost free!