Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amaryllis again, monster plants & potting up

Back in February I posted about planting this Amaryllis. When I planted the bulb it had no roots and two flower stems coming out of the bulb. After the first flower stem bloomed the bulb went wrinkly and the other flower stem would not grow. I then dig up the bulb and saw that no roots were growing. So I put it back in its pot and placed it in a southern window. I then barely watered it for 2 months and a few weeks ago the dormant flower stem started to grow. I am glade it lived and it is a nice spring addition to the living room.

Now for the veggies. After potting up all the tomatoes they have turned into monsters. They are getting way to big and need more space again.

So I took them down, lowered the shelf and gave them all more room. The poly tunnel will be done any day now and these space hogs will start going outside under the tunnels protection during warm days. Can't be soon enough. Next year I am going to wait until the second week of April to start the tomatoes.

Here we have my three well behaved tomatoes. From left to right is Purple Calabash (from Skippy's Vegetable Garden), Chocolate Stripes & Black Zebria (seed saved from the grocery store).

Here is the new addition to the Tomato lineup. It is a Red Velvet Cherry Tomato from a swap with The Conservative Gardener. It grows into a plant with velvety white leaves, sounds pretty interesting.

Big Chili II

Jimmy Nardello's

I then potted up the two peppers above because they are getting monstrous as well and are drying out to fast. They went into 3" square pots and were placed beside the monster tomatoes.

I also planted the Basil, Minette from its community pot into a cell pack.

Lastly here is Mister Early Tomato. He has been in and out a lot and as you can see from the lower photo he is sporting a sun tan. He will be fine though, just needs to toughen up a bit. If you look closely you may also notice that he has one flower bloom out and is loaded with tiny buds.


  1. I was worried we wouldn't hear about Mr Early Tomato! So sad to be so intrigued about one little tomato's journey, but we are at the end of the tomato growing season here in Oz (excluding my indoor experiment) So i am living vicariously. What is the date again that you think he will fruit???

  2. Prue - I am hoping to have a few red fruit by the end of May. It is more likely to happen in June though, you can always hope.

  3. Mister Early Tomato indeed! I'm jealous. It will be a while until mine get to that point. You many have touched on this before, but when can you plant the tomatoes out? When is your last expected frost?

  4. Sally - Frost free in Southern Ontario is around the second week of May. Most people hold off planting summer crops until May 24th which just happens to be a long weekend.

    If our night time temps warm up I may plant this one out early in the soil. If not I will keep it in the one gallon pot and cart it in & out.

  5. Mr Early is looking fine! My "Siletz" plants have some blooms on them too. I will be quite happy if I have ripe tomatoes by mid June.

    The amaryllis is stunning. I am great with outdoor plants - but manage to kill most indoor plants! Not sure what that is about - but it's the truth. So I will enjoy your triumph and am suitably impressed.

    Everything is looking good and the seedlings are all vibrant and healthy looking. Good work!

  6. Aren't tomatoes addictive? Our last frost date here in East Yorkshire is also the second week in May but it's still risky then. We had a sharp frost towards the end of May last year.

    My toms in flower just now are Brandywine and my own tomato cross. I sowed them in February because I wanted a long season for them. Brandywine was a bit late for me last year, and with the home crossed ones, well I'm impatient to try them! All the other toms are still about 4" high and in 3" pots.

  7. Outstanding amarylis and yes indeed-monster veggies. They must be getting plenty of all they need in your grow room. A good thing.

  8. Impresive amaryllis, you will be very busy come August with all these tomatoes.

  9. Oh and early tomato. Yum. I used to do that, but I just don't have a set up to handle a big plant inside now. I agree that the tomatoes (the normal ones not the early one) really don't need a lot of time under the lights. I'm only going to give them four weeks next year.

  10. KitsapFG - I used to keep a lot of house plants when we lived in a condo with hardly any outdoor space. Now I only keep a few orchids & amaryllis indoors.

    Vegetable Heaven - Thats pretty good to have Brandywine flowering already. You should have a bumper crop this year.

    Tina - The warm season crops really like the hot light. I really can't wait to get them outside.

    Rosemary - Not sure what I am going to do with them all yet. Lots of canned tomato sauce that's for sure.

    Daphne - The tomatoes grow way to much to start so early. Although come June my mind may change if I have a lot of fruit set.

  11. Everything looks so good this year...You are going to be busy looking for tomato recipes.. :)