Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Garden Mish Mash Post

A few hours after posting about the slushy snow we received Monday morning it started to really snow. By Tuesdays morning we had about 3cm (1inch) of snow on the ground and it was really cold & windy. Pretty depressing sight but not unheard of this early in the spring. Thankfully it is almost completely gone, here are a few before & after photos of the snow:

Monday Evening

Wednesday Afternoon

Iris reticulata, Monday Evening

Iris reticulata, Wednesday Afternoon

Crocus during the storm

Crocus, Wednesday Afternoon

Frozen Galvanized Watering Can

Well I was out looking at all the snow I noticed some green in the area I seeded radishes. They were popping right through the snow, sorry no photo of that, it was to cold to kneel in the snow. With the warmth we had Sunday they must have been ready to germinated Monday, snow or not.

Radish Seedlings, in real soil!!

Monday evening I brought all the veggies in that were in the cold frame and left them inside until this morning. I probably could have gotten away with leaving them out but I didn't want to risk it. The lettuce in the oak barrel survived under its little greenhouse and was looking very nice this morning. Here are some photos of the frame & barrel:

As you can see the frame is really filling up. I have potted up
the broccoli transplants and they will be living in the frame
now. The second seeded onions will also start residing in the
frame but they have not made the trip yet.

Lettuce, Snug as a bug.

I will end with a photo of mister early tomato, a couple tomato seedlings & my second tricot of the season:

Mister Early Tomato has flower buds. I hope they
set fruit, maybe I'll be harvesting tomatoes in May

Varigated Tomato, I received the seed in a swap with
Veggie Patch Re-Imagined

The tricot "Beauty King" tomato that I received in a swap with
Judy's SFG. As you can see it is growing true leaves in three's as well.

I have a new tricot, this time it is in the form of
of Zinnia "Magellan Hybrid Mix". We are living
in funny times!


  1. Hey your radish seedlings are in real soil too. Isn't it nice to see them growing where they really ought to be?

  2. My cold frame didn't fare as well. As always, I love the photography!

  3. Are those the lettuces that you planted in the wood barrel? My radishes and beets are also coming up, no true leaves yet :( You tomatoes are amazing. When did you start them? Mine just got their true leaves a couple of days ago!

  4. Dan, that crocus sure is pretty! I've never seen one before. Everytime I see that coldframe, I start drooling! Ha! Man, that thing is a piece of artwork.


  5. Spring snow events are manageable when you have good season extending tools (grow tunnel covers, cold frames, etc) AND you pay attention and protect the more vulnerable plants. You obviously have all of the above well covered - and your plants are clearly thriving as a result!

  6. Fabulous Blog you have! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm going to bookmark your page to see what that greenhouse you have produces for you this spring / summer. HOW EXCITING! Isn't it crazy this weather we are having?!!!

  7. With the exception of about forty miles of our trip home from Arizona, I haven't seen any snow in the past year. I don't miss it, either! I'm perfectly happy just looking at it in your pictures ;-)

    Your seedlings are looking so nice and healthy, and the crocuses (crocusi?) and iris are just gorgeous!


  8. I love Iris Reticulata Dan. They look almost exotic in the cold of spring yet they are as tough as old boots.

  9. Dan: Greetings. On this side of the pond (lake Erie), it wasn't tropical this week at all. I have just about a foot of snow and temps have been below freezing. Maybe it will all melt today, but more snow for Saturday if the forecast is right. Good post, great pictures and I'll bet all the plants will do just fine in the snow.

  10. Your tomatoes are looking good! A lot of mine need repotted. That'll be a chore, perhaps I'll get to it this afternoon after moving the hive.

    As for you question on my blog about the cost of setting up a beehive.

    I paid $72 for my package of bees (3# of Italian with queen), you can get them cheaper, but I wanted to go with a local source that was known for good quality bees. I plan on requeening this summer with a locally raised disease/cold resistant bee.

    I got the hive given to me by my dad along with most of the tools, so I'm not positive on the amount for those, I think it's like any hobby, you can go expensive or you can cheap. Here are a few places to check out hive supplies:

    You can get plans to build a top bar hive here (, I believe they are much cheaper to build (we may be trying one next year for a second hive), and they're supposed to be really great for the small home hobbyist.

  11. Daphne - It is nice when things start growing where they ought to be. I can't wait until everything is in the soil.

    Red - You have a cold frame, when do we get to see?

    Zach - Yes, that is the mesclun mix lettuce that I planted in the barrel. They germinated in about 4 days under the plastic cover. My early tomato I started Feb 16th and all the rest of the tomatoes I started March 20th.

    EG - I need to remember to plant more crocus this fall, I only have a tiny clump right now. They are nice to have around after enduring a long winter.

    KitsapFG - I probably could have left everything out as the weather was not overly cold. Its the cold wind that does plants in.

    Bren - The weather is crazy, I hope that is the last of the snow!

    Granny - I don't mind snow if the temp is right around freezing. I could live with out it when it gets colder then that though.

    Vegetable Heaven - The Iris reticulata is my favorite and beleive it or not all the plants I have came from forced pots at the grocery store a few years back.

    Koyote Hill - People to the north of use had close to a foot of snow, I think I would have freaked if we had that much snow. Its time to move onto spring not winter!

    Chiot's Run - I need to start potting up some of the tomatoes too. Some have grown really fast well others just have two tiny true leaves. Thanks for all the bee links, it would be fun to do if I ever get out of the city.

  12. I love the "real soil" comment. lol. I love the before and after pics and I have to admit.....I miss the snow.

  13. Dennis - I think I would miss the snow too if I was to move. I certainly wouldn't miss it by April though.

  14. I hope that will be your last snow of the season (fingers crossed!)

    Wow, your cold frame is really doing well outside! I like that.

    Your tomatoes are really looking so healthy! I have one of the Beauty King planted -- I can't wait to see what the fruit looks like on this tomato.

    Wow, another tricot! Wonder what's going on with these seeds lately LOL

  15. Judy - I hope it is the last snow as well. Having the two tricots is pretty crazy, I had never even seen one before.