Thursday, May 29, 2008

Warm season crops are finally all in

We finally had a warm day on Tuesday and I was able to plant my tomatoes and it turned into a funny and painful story.


I had just planted them and then came in to phone my grandma and she told me we are suppose to get frost Tuesday night and I thought, we're not going to have frost. Then I was talking to my Mom and she said we are getting frost overnight and I thought, we're not getting frost. Later in the evening I was then talking to my Sister and she said we are getting frost tonight so then I thought I should look at the weather channel. Low and behold it said the temperature was going to drop to 2c with a wind chill of -2c. At this point it was 11pm and here I was running around the yard in the dark covering all the large pots with old sheets and putting all the smaller pots in the shed. In the process I managed to pinch my finger between two of the large tomato pots and then when I was covering my agave I ended up getting a spike stuck in my hand, those thing are nasty. Live and learn I guess with the latter taking the longest.

Potted Tomatoes with mulched soil

Thursday I was 99% sure we are frost free so I planted everything that was left to plant, pole beans, lima beans, soybeans, cucumbers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchini & herbs. Now I know what you are all thinking, where are you putting all those plants? In every available square inch I can find and I am hoping they learn to like each other because everything is rather close together. The tomatoes and eggplants I have placed in pots, the beans & cucumbers are on my newly built trellis, the zucchini I snuck in the ground in a 3'x3' space between the tomato pots and the rhubarb and the soybeans I planted where one of my broccoli died(cut worm I think.)


It has certainly been a very cold spring this year, the last few years we have almost had heat waves this time of year. The warmer days and cold nights have done wonders for the cold season crops through, they are getting huge. Over the weekend I will post pictures of the hole area to show how quickly things are growing.

Peppers, the large ones came for the nursery, the wimpy ones in the front I grew from seed.


  1. i just came across your blog and love it! i always enjoy finding others as obsessed with gardening as me. :B hope your plants flourish this season!

  2. Hi Ipkitten, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy my blog as it progresses and I too hope everything flourishes.

  3. Nice work Dan. I remember doing the same thing a month or two ago with my hoop covers, out at 11 pm racing to beat the frost and snow. Glad you made it and your garden looks great because of it.

    Finally, it looks like I may be dealing with cutworms (or slugs) myself. Live and learn.

    Great work!