Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How quickly things add up at the big orange store

Plan One
I decide that I was going to build a trellis out of 2x2 spruce and nylon netting. I planned on building two simple C frame, then installing 2 eye screws on each side, 6" apart at the base of the C frame that would correspond with rebar that would be drove into the ground. That way the wood would not be rotting in the ground and it would be easy to take the trellises on and off. This was the plan before I went out to buy the materials:

4 rebar 13.96
8 eye screws 4.72
4 corner braces 3.88
5 2x2x8 10.70
netting 9.50
sub 42.76
tax 5.56
total 48.32

I think this is crazy, fifty bucks for 2 small trellises made of finger jointed spruce, its scrap wood! So it was back to the drawing board.

Plan Two
My second plan is to use 1.5 foot cleets attached to my raised bed frame thus removing the need for rebar. Then build my trellis in an E shape as appose to two C frames and screw that into the cleets thus removing the need for one of the 2x2x8.

4 2x2x8 8.56
4 corner braces 3.88
netting 9.50
sub 21.94
tax 2.85
total 24.79

This will basically serve the same purpose at the same time reducing the cost greatly. The cleets will separate the trellis frame from being in contact with the soil which will stop it from rotting. The trellis will be screwed to the cleets and will be almost as easy to remove as it would have been if it was supported by the rebar.

Now all I have to do is return some materials, go to Lee Valley to pick up the trellis netting and I will be able to build the trellis.

I will follow up with a post on how to building a vegetable garden trellis once I have all the materials on hand.


  1. Would the "big orange store" initials be H.D?
    Found your site through your comment at PTF and thought I would just say~~~"Hello"!
    Everyday I think of something new that I would like to build for my garden or yard and then realize the cost involved, which generally leads to it not getting done at my house. Your photos of your garden and wildlife are beautiful.

  2. Hi anajz, hmm it just might be H.D. I also agree how expensive even simple things are to do any more. I guess the only thing that can be done is cut down projects to the bare minimum until the inflation goes its course. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The problem with inflation is it never goes back down... unless you want deflation, which is even WORSE.

    Hope your trellis works out. I went with simply 4 2x4s bolted to the side of my beds sticking up 7 feet. I'm using screws and washers to secure my 7x15 trellis netting across all four boards. Should be sturdy enough.