Monday, May 12, 2008

Potatoes Planted

On Saturday afternoon I finally planted my potatoes, I have been waiting for them to sprout. The fingerings potatoes sprouted but the white potatoes did not so I just ended up purchasing some seed potatoes to replace them.

The ideal time to plant potatoes in my climate according to the Ministry of Agriculture is April 5 - May 5 for early potatoes and May 1 - June 1 for late potatoes. I guess I am still within the time frame, the only problem that could arise is if the temperature goes to warm to fast which can impact on the tuber development.

I also researched on potato spacing and found a lot of conflicting information, some said to space the rows 2.5 feet apart! If I was to space like that I would have ended up with one row of potatoes. I ended up going with the spacing suggested in the Square Foot Gardening book which is one potato plant per square foot.

Before planting the fingering potatoes I laid them out in the sun so the cuts would dry out. In doing so I am hoping it would make them less susceptible to rot.


  1. That is amazing! I would love to grow my own vegetables, but I manage to even kill fake plants!!

  2. leighann - nice to see you in my blog! You should try to grow some, put a tomato in a large pot, put some water on it every couple days and it will make tomatoes. Good tasting one too.