Sunday, May 25, 2008

A very unproductive weekend for the veggie garden

I had big plans for the vegetable garden this weekend but they never really happened. I was planning on going to pick up the trellis netting, mulching the area that my tomato pots are in, building my trellis as well as planting my tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini & cucumbers. The only thing on the list that was done was picking up the trellis netting and building a quarter of the trellis.

On Saturday my Mom and I left early afternoon to go to Burlington to pick up the trellis netting at Lee Valley. We then ended up spending the whole afternoon touring around Burlington and lounging on a patio eating Mama's Pizza and drinking Caramel Macchiato's from Starbucks. When we finally came home we ended up having a fire in the backyard and my Sister and her friend Shannon came over. I am still not totally sure it is legal to have a fire in the city but I would rather beg for forgiveness then ask permission.

Sunday morning and early afternoon was spent driving all over the city and the remainder of the afternoon was spent bike riding out on the trail along the river. Once I was home I started on the trellis. This is when things started to go wrong, you know the saying measure twice cut once well this is a phrase I have yet to master. I was to the last two side pieces of the trellis and I cut both of them to short. So in other words I am done for the day and will have to pick up another couple pieces of lumber and complete the trellis tomorrow.

I do really need to get going on this though, I started to soak my beans seeds Friday for Saturday planting and now they will not be planted until Monday. I have transfered them from the cup of water to paper towel in the mean time, I figured this would be better then leaving them water logged for four days.

Even though the garden did not get a lot of attention with the camera this weekend I did end up getting some great photos of others things while I was out and about, so enjoy:

Rooster on the prowl

Friesian horses, Martha Stewart purchased horses from this farm
Wild Apple Blossom

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  1. You really have to measure twice and cut once... LOL...
    Great photos....