Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Big Dig

To rectify the problems I had in my first attempt I decided to:

  • Make deep beds, against the foundation to maximize the sun light I have available
  • Terrace the slope with raised beds to solve the run off problem
  • Dig out 1.5 feet of the poor soil and reinstall 4 cubic yards of good quality triple mix
Mid way through the project:

Completed! Taken with my fish eye lens:
I wish I could say this was easy but it was not, It was a full week of off and on work to get this accomplished. I was told by the lady at the landscape yard that the triple mix weighted approximately 8000lbs!

The good thing is that this only needs to be done once with the only maintenance needed in the future is adding organic matter yearly and replacing lumber as need. I am hoping the lumber will last at least 5 years with out any serious rot.

In my next post I will listing the varieties of plants I am starting from seed, also what I have recently planted out as well as what transplants I have brought home for the nursery.

I welcome any commentary.

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