Monday, June 2, 2008

June's Progress Photo's

Things are doing well, no real issues that I am aware of. The potatoes have almost all broke ground and I saw that one of the pole beans has sprouted since planting them last Thursday. I am happy to see the pole bean sprout because my seed was from my first attempt at veggie gardening four years ago and I was concerned it may not be viable any more.

This week it is supposed to be hot, Friday's is forcasted to be 31c with a humidex of 37c that is almost 99 F for all you non-metricits, yes I create my own words on my blog. There is also supposed to be some rain off and on during the week so this weather should be what the doctor ordered for the warm season crops I have just seeded.

There is not much on the to do list this week in the veggie garden, just lots of watering on the warm days when it is not going to rain. As you will tell by the photo's below I will be pushing the mower around soon but that is about it. That means lots of patio time!

Here are a couple over view photo's of the veggie patch as well as a photo of each bed.


  1. Wow, your garden is looking really good. I love the terraced nature of it. It looks just like my garden, all mixed together!

  2. Thanks, it is starting to look rather nice. It is just up from the patio and I was concerned that it may look a little frumpy but I now think it will look great.