Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Harvest Post

You may have noticed my blog have not been getting much attention lately and this is because I am still painting. I am almost finished all my projects and have completed the posts & railings, door painting and almost finished painting the deck. All that is left is to prime and paint the concrete landing at the front of the house. I hope to be finished by the end of the week so I can devote more attention to the garden and the blog.

I have still been keeping up with harvesting although harvests seem to be few and far between lately. Blight has done in almost all the tomatoes which is what mainly would have been harvested at this time of year. still need to update on the blight..... Here are photos of most things that have been harvested over the last two week's. I missed last weeks Monday's Harvest post that Daphne host so I thought I would group them together on this post.

Here is a mix of tomatoes that I rescued from blight. Most rotted from blight anyways.

Here we have the one and only hillbilly potato loaf (yellow/red one), two cherokee purple and a few velvet red tomatoes. In the back is the first red kuri squash of the season, small but will be great in a squash bread or muffin recipe.

Here is my potato bin harvest that was already blogged about on my last post.

Finally here is today's harvest. Two zucchini that will be grated and frozen for later baking as well as a pink berkley tie dye and four velvet red tomatoes. This tomato harvest may be the last of them by the looks of it. The rest are all rotten.


  1. Nasty blight ! I'm so sorry about your losses, Dan.
    Congrats on getting all that work done, tho. I'm sure it looks great.

  2. The blight losses are really frustrating, but you can join a whole lot of us in mourning our lost 2009 tomato crop. We should hold an internet tomato wake.

  3. Great vegetables and best of luck with painting the deck....everyone I know didn't finished their and it took me 16 hours to do mine LOL. So yeah have fun =)

  4. The greenhouse is our saving when it comes to blight on tomatoes. Sad when you lose so much work and anticipation.

  5. That red kuri squash look so cute. It is sad about the tomatoes, but there is always next year. I've never seen late blight like this before and hopefully won't next year.