Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally some gardening!

I woke up at the crack of 8:30 and my first thought was I need to get my veggie garden work done already. I've been putting off thinning the fall crops and planting my fall starts due to paint work & overall defeat from the blight. So I finally had time, energy & a victorious fall planting attitude to get things done! But first.......

morning coffee in the garden. Fresh ground strong coffee with two cream & three sugar, breakfast of champions.

The first garden task that was tackled was thinning the parsnips. They looked so nice before ripping half of them out but it will help them in the long run. Not sure how these will do this fall, maybe they will be an early spring harvest?

The second thing to thin was the four radish rows I seeded on Aug 1st. This particular row is Easter Egg. I am also growing Long Black Spanish and China Rose radishes this fall.

I then planted out the rest of the cedar poly tunnel. I have already planted red celery, black & china rose radishes & transplanted green onions into the tunnel. This morning I planted out the rest of the tunnel with Wong Bok(napa cabbage), Sugarloaf Chicory & Mizuna that were all growing in cell packs for about 1.5 months now. Being that the squirrels have been little bastards lately(pardon my french) I think I am going to put the cover on to protect my little seedlings.

After planting the poly tunnel I quickly realized I started about double the amount of plant material that will fit in the poly tunnel so I planted some lettuce in this enamel pot. It is planted out with 'Merlot' lettuce & 'Little Gem' romaine. It will be placed on the a/c unit, not much need for that this season, as it receives good light. Now on cold evenings I can just pop them in the shed.

Here I have planted a row of 'Little Gem' Romaine & Full Heart Batavian. This raised bed is full of fall crops and if they grow well I may put an inexpensive low tunnel over this raised bed to extend the harvest.

The last thing to be planted today was a row of Australian Yellowleaf lettuce. I still have bok choi & tatsoi (from Daphne ) growing in cell packs. My plans for them is to plant them in the half barrel that the 'Jersey Devil' tomatoes are currently growing in. They are just starting to turn colour so they should be able to take their place soon.

I will end the post with this bumble bee that was sunning her? self this morning on my banana plants. It was a chilly night, 6c(43f), I image it was enjoying the warmth after such a cool night.


  1. All geared up for fall and looking great, Dan.
    I bet she? is enjoying whatever warmth she can get at this point, as you said. Lately, temps at night, in my parts, are very close to freezing (2C-3C). Some warm weather in the forecast for next week but after that, it's all down hill ! I've been working in the yard alot this week, enjoying what's left !

  2. Brrr it is getting cold there. We have noticed that the mornings are fairly nippy here. We haven't turned the heat on yet. Years ago we used to do it around this day. I remember because it is my son's birthday today. So the timing has some significance. But as the years go on it has been getting later and later.

    I love the cedar poly tunnel you made. I'll probably just see if I can get my metal wire tunnels to work this year. Last year they collapsed.

  3. HA-HA, you beat me! I got up at the crack of 9! Then I had to drink Mr. H's awful coffee, that was two hours old.

    I envy all of you that are planting fall crops. I planted a few pots of lettuce and a few radishes, but that will be the extent of my fall planting. Oh, I have been potting up strawberry runners to move next to the patio. I can use a ground cover there, and it may as well be an edible one. I'll be looking forward to seeing how your poly tunnel works out this winter...good luck!

  4. Must.....have....poly....tunnel...
    Ok, i'm alright now. 43 degrees is pretty dadgum cool!

  5. Sounds very impressive and a nice variety. I didn't get any fall crops in at all even though I had some seed ready. Oh well, maybe next year.

  6. I think I'm gonna do something similar on tuesday...but I'll take my coffe inside because it's way too cold in the morning here.

  7. I am an instant human - just add coffee! I drag a cup out to the garden with me almost every trip outside. :D

    You have a nice selection of fall crops going. I think you are smart to button up the poly tunnel to thwart your squirrels. Would be a shame to lose your hard work todate.

    The bumble sunning is sweet.

  8. Your gardening skills impress me and I agree about the squirrels.

  9. I love the pace of fall gardening. The rush to get plants out, the fun of trying new things.

    I'm going to be growing some of the same lettuce as you this year, and I plan to be much more assiduous about saving seed. You're an inspiration.