Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Veggie Photography

It has been a while since I have done a Tuesdays photography post so I thought I would do one today that focuses on the veggie garden.

'Double Yield' Cucumber - excellent variety and is loaded with beautiful cukes like this

Compatto Dill - this is a great variety that grows nice and compact.
It will soon go into homemade dill pickles.

Delicata Squash - This one looks vigorous so it should be the first one to
actually set. The seed for this squash was shared by Skippy's Vegetable Garden

Red Kuri Squash, male bloom - This is a Japanese squash.

Red Kuri Squash, female bloom - This may also be the first one to actually set.

Purple Pepper, not yet purple though - This is the first fruit and there are many more blooms coming. The seed for this pepper was shared by Annie's Kitchen Garden

Vermont Cranberry Bean - this is a dry bean and it is just starting to set beans as you can see in the bottom right. The seed for this bean was shared by The Conservative Gardener

Velvet Red Cherry Tomato - This is a cool tomato that has white fuzzy fruit and leaves. The seed for this was also shared by The Conservative Gardener

Hillbilly Potato Loaf Tomatoes - There is lots of these big green heirlooms in the garden.
I am impatiently waiting for them to ripen. Although I have had a few tomatoes ripen already
there really is nothing better then one that has ripened in the August heat.

I have left this photo full sized encase you would like to click to see the full sized version. The tomatoes have truly gone mental latley. Most of the vines have grown over the cages and across the bed. That means most stems are seven feet long or more! Shortly I will be employing some long bamboo cranes and doing a combination of staking and pruning. As it stands now I can barely find the fruits!


  1. How exciting! Are those cukes and dill going to become pickles???????

    I just noticed a little tiny watermelon on my vine, I hope we get some hot weather to make it ripen.

  2. Dan, could the pepper seeds have been mixed up? My Purple Beauty started off purple, not green. I do know I sent you the P.B. seeds, as I sent the original envelope.

  3. Chiot's Run - The dill will become pickles but the cukes will be eaten fresh. The pickling cucumbers are my favorite. In a week or two I will get a couple baskets of cukes from a local farm for pickles & relish. I like to preserve in big batches and unfortunately I don't have enough space to grow enough cukes at once.

    Granny - Maybe it was a rogue seed. I don't think I could have mixed up seed because I started these weeks after starting the other peppers. Time will tell what they are. That's half the fun of gardening, seeing what you end up with :-)

  4. You have the compact dill in your garden. I have the monster dill. The photos is really pretty.

  5. Daphne - Thanks. If we do a seed swap again I can send you some of the dill seed.

  6. Nice photography, and looks like there will be a good harvest on the way! And yes, I am getting jealous over the tomatoes, even though they are not ripe yet!

  7. Great pics, Dan. You sure grow some very different varieties than most!

  8. The dill photo is just dreamy !
    I'm checking out your toms in high reso. Lol. Crazy !
    (Who's the cutie with the silvery foliage ?)

  9. That fuzzy tomato is pretty wild! Is it still fuzzy when ripe? I've been having fun tasting the new varieties that are ripening. Some are really good, some just okay - but all a treat.

  10. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Miss M - The silver foliage one is the Red Velvet Cherry Tomato. Some of its stems are over eight feet long!

    Sande - I'm not sure if the fuzz stays on once they ripen but I will report what it does when one ripens. I am guessing the fuzz will rub off?

  11. I am green with envy over the cukes. Mine are flowering like mad, have immature fruit - but so far no cukes to eat or pickle.

    Those Hillbilly tomatoes are beautiful. I love big lobed heirlooms like that.

  12. Hey, Dan.
    I see you let your tomatoes bush too. I think I'm one of the few people who bothers with the single stem thing.

    Love the pictures.