Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big & Little Veggies


Hillbilly Potato Loaf Tomato, this monster is 15" around! I am guessing it will be just under 2lbs once it ripens. I may need a bib to eat this one.

Red Kuri Square, this one has really grown fast and is 19" around so far. I'm not sure how big these get but I think I need to support it soon.

Delicata Squash, there are two that are 9" long and one that is 6" long. The seed for this squash was shared by Skippy's Vegetable Garden.


Charentais melon, it has tripled in size from the last time I blogged about it, still small though. I hope this is the melon that could.

Sungold Tomato, I started this plant late, seeded around the middle of June I believe. It has just started to produce and I can't wait to try these famous sungolds. It is growing in a container so I am hoping to keep it going late into the season by moving it into the shed during cold days and nights in Sept/Oct.

Purple Calabash Tomato, it produces cute little ruffly tomatoes that are purple. This one will be ready any day now and I can't wait to taste it for the first time. The seed for this was also shared by Skippy's Vegetable Garden.

Lemon Queen Sunflower, although it may look large it is only a few inches across. This grew from seed the Great Sunflower Project sent to me and now that a flower has opened I can start submitting my bee counts to them.

Garden overview photos tomorrow...


  1. I love the look of the Purple Calabash tomato. It is so pretty. I love weirdly colored tomatoes too. Red can be so boring. Good luck on that melon. I have a winter squash that is tiny too. I don't think it will make it but I'm rooting for it.

  2. Beautiful tomatoes!!!

    Looks like you're going to have a yummy harvest!

  3. Nice range of veggies, and as usual I think the tomatoes look great. But I am no longer jealous, seems the indoor tomato plant has gone to plan...

  4. Daphne - At the rate the melon has been growing it should make it, I hope. I am very much anticipating the purple calabash, I have heard it is a really nice tasting tomato and I have heard it is an awful tasting tomato. Time will tell.

    Toni - I can't wait to start harvesting big juicy heirlooms, shouldn't be long now.

    Prue - That's exciting that your indoor tomatoes are growing to plan. I should grow one indoors this winter. I would have to grow it under my light here because from Nov-Feb it is grey.

  5. Could you do a report back on the Delicata squash when you ultimately harvest it and give a taste report? I almost grew these this year but talked myself out of it. Your feedback and opinion would be much appreciated.

  6. That's one monster tomato! My largest so far has been a 1lb 3 oz Brandywine. I think the second Brnadywine might have been heavier but it was a twin - fused at the 'spider' end - so I thought it would be cheating to count that!

  7. That kuri squash is so nice! Very expensive down here so great you can grow!

  8. What a magnificent looking tomato....you'll have to photo some of the slices for us, as I bet it's gorgeous on the inside.

  9. The Red Kuri is gorgeous !
    And how lovely is that Purple Calabash, wow !

  10. The Sungold is a wonderful tomato. Unruly behavoir, always trying to escape along the ground or over a fence but forgiven as the fruit are so plentiful and so delicious.

    I am hoping tomorrow will be the day to pick my 1st Carbon. It has turned dark and mysterious ! I hadn't thought to get the tape measure out - good idea !