Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Blogger Bloom Day

In previous GBBD's I have had a few comments about how the overall garden looks so I thought for this post I would focus on overviews.

This is the front garden, it has really started to fill in now. This garden was installed 6 years ago and has been added to and subtracted from ever since. For this bed I have tried to plan for three seasons of blooms and I think it has turned out pretty well. I have also gave thought to winter interesting with the ornamental grass by the porch, the standard pee gee hydrangea by the window, a weathered cedar log which is completely covered this time of year as well as large rock edging that is also not visible this time of year.

There also is a little garden out front by our neighbors porch, we are literally on top of each other in this neighborhood. This was the one that was scissored by brain dead wannabe landscaper. I have planned on changing its layout this fall so I will post a photo of it next GBBD.

The two photo's below are in the backyard. The backyard is about 3/4 shade and there are many large Norway Maples that overhang from the property behind use.

This is directly under the maples and is raised about 4 feet from the grade of the property behinds us. Asides from some morning sun this garden is almost completely shade. This also went in 6 years ago but had a major redo last year to fill in many holes. It has finally started to grow in now which is nice, it takes a long time to establish plants under these thirsty trees. Most of the flowering happens during the spring in this garden and the rest of the year it is mainly a mix of textured leaves. The most predominate textured leaves are painted ferns, ligularia, rodgersia, cimicifuga, oak leaf hydrangea and hakone grass.

This fall I am going to continue the fence along the back so this garden will soon have a new backdrop. The property behind has apartments along the street and this large lot that can not be develop behind. It is not maintained and is rather weedy so the fence will block that view well still being about to enjoy the large trees.

This garden is along the back of the house and receives about half a day of direct sun. The gravelly area to the right of the photo will soon be a small deck for a couple chairs and the grill. I am planning on putting it in next month and this garden will be expanded a bit to edge the deck. This garden has more blooms during the early part of the season as well. I am going to have to work on bringing more late season bloomers into the back. Things that are currently in bloom are a pink hydrangea, hosta & astrantia. There also is a green cimicifuga that is just coming into bloom.

Now for my poor pots. Not many potted plant have really done well this year it seems. This is from a combination of the cool start to summer, the cloudy days, to much rain and bugs. After I features the urns on garden blogger death day, the window box has almost bit the dust now too. It suffered from the same problem as the urns, massive aphid and white fly infestations. Below are the two pots that are currently alive and looking well:

I replanted the urns with geraniums I had growing out back and they have settled in. Geraniums are one thing that has done well this year. I'm thinking I will be planting many more geraniums next season.

The impulse bought hanging baskets form last month are also still doing okay. If this was last year though this basket would be double the size. This season really has been a big downer. Good thing there is always next year....


  1. Your garden looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing pics, and happy Bloom Day!

  2. You certainly have a green thumb. The garden beds have a nice feel to them and the plant choices work well together.

  3. I have many of the same shade plants as you, but I really like the way you have designed those beds with height and spacing in mind.

    Impressive containers as well.

  4. It's lovely to step back and get the bigger view. Your garden looks like a lovely rural retreat!

  5. Yes, there is always next year but your garden looks great this year. Sorry about your window boxes. I was particularly interested in the back shade garden and standard PG. Both must have taken a great deal of work and look great.

  6. The urn is back and looking good ! Yay ! So sorry to hear that wonderful window box bit the dust. I was so looking forward to seeing it ! :(

    You have a splendid space, Dan. Can’t wait to see the deck project. It’ll look fabulous !

  7. It has been a pretty down year hasn't it, but at least you have some things that are looking very nice.

  8. You mean to say that hanging basket would be twice that size had the weather been a little kinder? Wow, I'm amazed at it at this size.

  9. I like your garden beds. They're like little vignettes of beautifulness.