Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This & That

Low energy & creativity today so this post is just about this & that. This evening I rounded up a few things that needed harvesting and snapped some shots which you will see below.

Pole beans are finally starting to set beans. These are Kentucky Blue pole beans.

and the Purple Podded pole beans are flowering.

The first Chocolate Stripes tomato just about ready for harvest. It is growing in a topsy turvy.

Jersey Devil paste tomatoes that are growing in a half barrel. I have three plants and I am hoping for enough to make a few jars of Salsa.

First eggplant bloom. This is a Rosa Bianca eggplant.

Purple Pepper, seed shared by Annie's Kitchen Garden. They started out green and now are turning purple.

Prince onions, multiplanted the foliage is just starting to fall over. In the end I think these seeded onions did do better then the sets so I will be seeding again next year. I don't think I will multiplant again.

The fall broccoli. I seeded them in cell packs at the start of June and they are well on their way now. I am guessing the heads will form at the end of August or the beginning of September.

Red Kuri Squash, there is four forming so far.

Delicata squash, there are three forming so far. The seed was shared by Skippy's Vegatable Garden.

A couple Charentais melons have started to form. As long as they all set there should be enough time for them to mature before frost.

Red Fingerling potatoes. I planted them in April and they are just starting to die back. I dug around a bit and the tubers seem very small this year. Time will tell what is deeper below.

A new addition to the garden, a pot of purple basil. I saw an interesting cucumber salad I want to try that calls for purple basil blooms.

To end things off here is one of many garden spiders.


  1. Grow beans grow ! We’re rootin’ for ya !
    Everything is looking lovely, Dan. The Choco stripe is splendid, isn’t it ?
    The squash are looking fabulous.

    And how adorable is that teeny melon ? It looks like mine ! It took sooo long for a female to appear, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. Trouble is, when it finally flowered, there wasn't a male in sight ! I panicked and hand pollinated it using a male cuke flower, lol ! You think it might work ?

  2. Purple basil also makes a really great asian-inspired 'pesto'. Substitute peanuts for pinenuts, add some seasame oil with the normal oil, double the garlic input, add some dark soy instead of parmesan and hey presto, awesome 'pesto'. I used it on some chicken for a BBQ last summer and everyone loved it.

    Also, do I even need to say it, but that chocolate stripes tomato look delicious!

  3. your little delicata squash is adorable! i love delicata squash. it's really good in a quesadilla with black beans.

  4. Dan, I sure wish I could send ya some of these warm days. Hopefully, everything will mature in time.

  5. Well for low energy and creativity - that sure was a fun post to look at! Like everyone else, i am smitten with the Chocolate Stripes tomatoes. Are those the same purple podded pole beans that Judy grows from "Judy's Square Foot Garden Blog"?

  6. Can't wait to see your basil flower and cucumber recipe. I bet it looks as beautiful as it tastes!

  7. Those squashes look good. The only one I have this year is Turk's Turban and someone said it isn't worth eating!

    I evicted a spider exactly like that from my chicken house yesterday when I cleaned it out!

  8. I'm not so sure about multiplanting either. I did it with my onions. The bunching onions did OK, but I think the storage onions didn't do as well that way. Next year I'll separate them out if I want to keep the extra plants.

  9. Dan, I have a question....I'm noticing that people are displaying text at the bottom right-hand corner of their photos for copyright reasons, and wondered how you all are doing it?

  10. I've seen bloggers trying their own plant breeding, cross pollination experiments and your chocolate stripe tomato has given me an idea. I wonder what a yellow tomato would look like if it was crossed with something with stripes? hmmm

  11. I'm growing purple podded pole beans, too. I love them!