Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Harvet Post

Here goes my second monday's harvest post for things that have been harvested over the previous seven days. If you would like to join in the harvest celebration why not do a post and post your link into Daphne's Mister Linky for all to see!

Here is eight Big Chili II peppers that all went into green chili sauce for last weeks enchiladas. These are not a hot pepper and have basically zero heat. Minus the heat they are a very nice tasty pepper. These chili's weighted about 2lbs.

Here is a harvest that occurred last weekend. It should be four cucumbers, one seemed to went missing... and an ancho pepper that I accidentally knocked off the plant. I have been surprised that the cucumbers are producing so well. I have harvested about 8 cucumbers so far and there are about 6 that will be ready for harvest very soon.

This is today's harvest. For tomatoes I have one black zebra and one off the variegated tomato plant. I also harvested about a 1lb of dragon tongue beans and one jimmy nardello pepper that has turned.

A few people asked about how the variegated pink lemon looked on the inside on last Mondays Harvest Post so here is a shot of it. As for what I did with the lemon, I took the couple suggestions to booze up the lemon which you will see below and the zest went into a porketta roast rub. I have a couple tiny lemons on my tree again this year, maybe next season I will get more then one lemon.

Here is the end result of the lemon, it went into Caipirinha's. Does this make for a good first non caffeinated beverage of the day?

Recipe: Per glass add a half lemon(limes are traditional) that has been chopped up and top with 2-3 spoons of sugar. Mush this up with a spoon or pestle until the juice is released. Then add lots of ice and two shots of Cachaca. Mix and drink.


  1. Oh my lord, Dan, a caipirinha. My mom's Brazillian. Whenever there's a very special occasion, she makes these for us. They are few and far between, and you've just made each of those memories flood back.
    It's an amazing drink that so few people know about.

  2. That is a very cool looking lemon. Definitely needed to go in the alcomahol! I have three on the plant this year, destined for culinary delights, or last minute vodka concoctions (or both but I suspect if they go into the latter then I will be far too giggly to be considering the former!)

  3. That basket of peppers is just picture perfect. Still waiting for my cukes to produce. I may be waiting awhile because our heat is rapidly disappearing and the cooler temps will slow what little is happening way down again.

    Drink looks perfect - particularly on a Monday that was MONDAY ALL DAY LONG! ;)

  4. Nice, harvest Dan. Thanks for visiting my blog. How do you like those Dragon Tongue beans? I was thinking of trying them next year. -Jackie

  5. I just love those beautiful peppers. They are so pretty in the basket. I used to have a harvest basket, but found out the dye they used is water soluble, so I don't use the basket for my harvests anymore. I really need to get a new one.

  6. Nice harvest. I love the lemon! Wish I had that many peppers - looks like you have a bumper crop of them. -Jackie

  7. I'm liking the pepper pictures too.

  8. That lemon is beautiful! A real work of art I don't think I could eat.

  9. Nice harvest ! Mmm, love the peppers.
    The lemon sure is pretty.

  10. Do you suppose a whole lot of those pink lemons are what they use to make pink lemonade? Just kidding. I'm sure that's not it.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your harvest. They are beautiful!

    -Amy, NW of Atlanta