Friday, August 7, 2009

Fall Crops Progression

I have started to seed & plant a few fall crops over the last couple weeks. Falls is certainly approaching fast and I hope to be ready this year after planting way to late last year.

I have started many things in cell packs that will eventually make it into the cedar poly tunnel. The collage above is a close up of the things started so far. They include 'little gem' romaine, 'merlot' lettuce, 'bright lights' chard (seed from Daphne ), wong bok (ie napa cabbage), batavian full heart & sugar loaf chicory. Many of them are new varieties to me so I have no idea what to expect taste or growth wise.

Above is the red celery I seeded way back at the end of May. Celery has long days to maturity so it was one of the earliest fall crops to start. I planted four plants in the soil this week and I will soon be placing the uncovered poly tunnel in this area. Red celery is reported to be extremely hardy so I should be able to harvest it very late in the season. It will be perfect timing for soups & stews.

I also decided to plant a row of yellow bush beans in place of the shallots. They are ready for harvest in 55 days so they should produce a nice crop before the killing frost comes in October. At least that is what I am hoping for.

This is a yellow crookneck squash that I started a little over a week ago. I was reading that squash will produce as a late planting as long as the fall is not to chilly. I am going to give it a go but I am not sure were it will be planted yet, probably in a container.

That about sums up the recent fall plantings. I have many more things to plant in anticipation of the fall and I think most of them need to be seeded by Aug 15th. Things like kale, spinach & radishes. I am also going to grow mache but I believe that should not be planted until Sept. Expect another fall update around the fifteenth of this month.


  1. Dan, you are much braver than I to try the different types of veggies! I tend to stick with the known (to me) varieties. I have done some fall planting, my bush beans are up and the beet roots are the size of quarters already. The carrots are growing well, and some spinach and lettuce have been planted but more are ready to sow. Maybe I'll try radishes again, my spring crop was a failure.

  2. Your little seedlings look so lovely and full of promise! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your little seedlings look so lovely and full of promise! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The young seedlings look healthy and happy. It's amazing what a little planning ahead will provide you. When everyone else is putting their garden to bed for the year, yours will be still providing fresh food for the table. Now that is living well!

  5. It's well worth sowing a few things in Autumn. I have some young Bright Lights seedling ready to go out when I clear the broad beans (a few BB are being kept for seed).