Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesdays Photography

First off I had to share a photo of what I have completed on the gate arbor as of tonight. It is turning out very nice. All that is left now is to leg everything in place and top it with horizontal 2x2's. A post about its construction will be coming once I finish the fence.

If you look up at the window that is where
the idea for the fence framing came from.

Yard Photos:

I have been rather fascinated with how the dew forms on the brassica's
in the morning. The first photo is Kohlrabi followed by Broccoli.

A row of mixed lettuce in morning light.

Dewy Bok Choy

Dwarf Breaded Iris. I only grow the dwarf varieties because
the full sized ones always flop just as they come into bloom.

You may recall my post about Naturalizing Muscari in the lawn last fall, well
here is the fruits of my labor. They have done really well. Now I will just have
to resist the urge to mow until they die back.

Non Yard Photos:

We have been out photographing in the woods again. This time we found
a spot that is carpeted with trillium's. Found a few Jack in the Pulpit's too.

Found this Chipmunk well looking for Turtles to photograph.
He or she was trying to act invisible.




Lastly here are some photos of the small fair that sets up every spring
by our home. I am not one to ride but I do like to photograph them.


  1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing :-) I love the arbor.

  2. Wow to the handymanship. I was proud when I put my wooden bed back together but that is just a pure (and practical) masterpiece. And those irises - such an amazing colour!!!

  3. Great pics Dan! The ones of the fair remind me of a drawing kit we had as children called "Sprialgraph" or something like that. You took colored pens and used wheels and drew funny shapes and they looked like those pictures you snapped! Ah, thanks for the beautiful pics and memories today...

  4. You could make a living selling stock photographs (in addition to building garden structures). Quit your day job!

    I still owe you an answer to your previous post's question about square footage.

  5. Granny - Glade you like the photos. The arbor is going to be pretty sweet when it is done.

    Prue - Thanks, I must admit I am a bit of a stickler for detail.

    Skeeter - I remember those Sprialgraphs, they were really fun.

    Sally - I've done photography as a hobby for 8 years now. It would be great to do stock photography some day.

  6. Our Jack-in-the-Pulpits are blooming too. I love them. They may not be showy but they are unusual.

  7. Great photos Dan. The carnival rides are particularly interesting to look at.

    Garden and non garden pics are gorgeous too.

  8. Wonderful photos. I've been reading your blog for about a week. I'm building a raised bed on the edge of a rocky hill too...it's slow going!

  9. Dan, those are some cool pics from the fair!

  10. Great night photos!

    I love how wonderful and healthy that your broccoli looks like. My leaves have been chewed by something :-( I'll post some photos on my blog later this week.

    The greens look fantastic! I think I will be growing mine in a window box or something. They look delicious for a salad!

  11. Yogh Day, great photos. Did you use a digital camera on the slow shutter pics?


  12. Daphne - I really like them to. You have to almost lay on your stomach to photography them though :-)

    KitsapFG - Thanks, glade you liked them.

    Here Forward - I hear you about the slow going part. It's hard work digging into a hill. Good luck with your new garden.

    EG - They did turn out pretty cool.

    DP - I have some greens in pots too, they do really well in them. Your broccoli probably has cabbage butterfly larvae on them. You can control them by spraying with BT. It is completely organic and safe.

    John - For these shots I used a Nikon D40, which is digital and a tripod. The shutter was open anywhere from 2-19 seconds for these photos.