Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Productive Saturday

Today was the day to fill the new beds. I have been putting it off due to the weather and because we have not had access to the side shared lane way. I ended up filling them in the rain, I guess some times you just have to work in the rain when things need to get done. This time we decided to haul the triple mix ourselves to save the delivery charge. Four of these scoops were brought home for a total of 2 cubic yards. For example, that is enough soil to fill a container that is 3'x3'x6', thanks to Daphne for the numbers. Here are a few photos of the beds:

The top bed will have the potato bin at the top,
melons trellised against the wall and greens in front.

The lower bed will have a couple tomatoes, trellised beans against
the wall and something in the front that has yet to be determined.

This small bed will be entirely peppers of all kinds and
maybe a row of shallots along the front.

After all that was done I used up the remaining triple mix to expand the perennial bed out front. It was changed from a straight edge to a curved edge so only slightly larger. Tomorrow I will be planting all the potted veggies into the new beds that needed to be planted a while ago. The warm season crops will have to wait about a week because the weather is turning pretty cold tomorrow. I am also putting in a garden beside the lowest bed to hold the potted tomatoes & potatoes, rhubarb and for herbs. It will just be a native soil garden and I will post about it once it is done.

Anyway I think I am going to go lay down for a while....


  1. It sounds expensive.

  2. Dan, I used to have a Sport trac too....I loved using it for vacations and stuff, but didn't like it when it came time to haul something. I really like the color of yours.. The triple mix looks like very good growing media.

  3. LeighAnn - It is actually really inexpensive compared to bagged soil. The soil is $30 a yard and that will be recouped very fast once I start harvesting.

    EG - Sport trac's can be a bit of a pain for moving stuff around but we make do with some really strong ratchet straps for the long stuff. It can certainly take a lot of weight. The soil is very nice, very airy with lots of manure in it.

  4. I love the look of a new bed with fresh worked soil in it - like a blank canvas to a painter!

    The triple mix looks like it is a good quality growing medium... what all is in the "triple" of the mix?

  5. The math person in me just can't let it go. 2 cu yds is 3'x 3' x 6'. It is sad but I've now become an OCD math crazy - kinda like those people who correct your grammar all the time, but with math.

  6. kitsapFG - Triple mix is equal parts top soil, compost & peat. This stuff has some sand and finely ground mulch in it as well. Using it is basically like getting 5 years of soil amending instantly.

    Daphne - Thanks for the correction, that's why I put the "?". I knew a cubic yard is 3'x3'x3' and it does make sense that two staked on top of each other would be 3'x3'x6'. I will edit my numbers.

  7. That stuff looks great! I wish I could find a place locally to buy it. I've been buying Miracle Grow Organic Choice garden soil and mixing it with homegrown compost, peat moss, and vermiculite.

  8. Looks good, glad you had a good day even with getting all dirty hehe. Good news I've just ate a salad made of 6 kinds of lettus that I grew :) Here's hoping you get a good harvest!

    PS my first pepper (purple, sweet) plant is flowering!

  9. I have never had to have topsoil delivered. I wonder what it will be like and if it will be weed free?

  10. Wow Dan! How exhausted you must be! The beds do look wonderful, and I am sure that you'll be growing so many wonderful things in them!

  11. I want a truck so I can have inexpensive soil. Can I borrow yours? Just for the weekend, come on, please?

    Seriously, there is one nursery that I frequent for my job (yes I get paid to garden and drive a ... I actually can't say it) where the owner giggles whenever he sees my vehicle. It's not the sort you haul stuff in.

    Your new gardens look fantastic!

  12. Last year we had new soil trucked in for our backyard beds, and I can understand why you'd be tired! Enjoy your new beds.

  13. Chiot's Run - You should be able to find it in bulk. Most places that sells mulch by the yard usually have triple mix as well. I don't think you could find organic though but close enough.

    Waters-deep - I was seriously dirty after fillings those beds. Congrats on your pepper blooms.

    Matron - Triple mix from this particular supplier is almost completely weed free. They compost it before selling it. At least that was the case last year, time will tell if it will be weed free this year.

    DP - It was pretty exhausting but I survived :-)

    Ottawa Gardener - Trucks are handy but not at the gas pump last summer.

    Sally - It is really hard work. Last year I had 5 yards dumped out front for the big beds. I then had to wheelbarrow it down the side lane way, around the back and then back up the side other side of the house. I almost died, it made 2 yards seem like a breeze!

  14. The new beds look great. Here's to many years happy and productive planting in them! :-)

  15. I'm getting a little discouraged over here with my beds because it is so rocky. I think we will give it a try with what we have before we buy black dirt. How deep are your beds?

  16. Liz - Thanks, the good part is it is only done once.

    Here Forward - Last year I made my beds 16" deep and this year I was lazy & cheap so I only went 12" deep. In this part of the yard it is really rocky and sandy. I tried growing vegetables in it about 5 years ago and nothing grew so I pretty much have to bring in soil.