Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garden Update

After updating first about the arbor yesterday I thought I would update about it again today. I managed to finish it this evening just before the rain started. The only thing left is to source some of those fancy wood plugs to cover the leg bolt holes and I am thinking I need one more 2x2 on either end. What do you think, more 2x2's at the top?

After completing that I had some gardening to do and some photos to take for this post which then had to be done in the rain. I have been reader a few blogs that have been writing about the bad in their garden and it made me realize I rarely write about the bad. So I will start with the bad today.

One of my Broccoli died. The same thing happened last year in another bed were the plant just shriveled up and died. No cutworm marks but when the plant is dug up it has no roots. Any ideas? Thankfully I have spares in the cold frame so this one was replaced this evening.

Here is one of the 15 not dead broccoli. They are all about a foot tall now. In behind you may see the interplanted radishes, trying to really maximize space this year.

This photo shows two bad things. The first being that 3 of the eight bok choy have bolted. Not sure if this is common as I have never grown them before. The second bad is all the weeds that sprouted from my compost. I did end up getting that Japanese Weeder but have only had time to weed one bed so far.

Well that is enough bad news for today, here is some good news. The early planted tomato has one fruit that is a bit bigger then a gum ball now. I hope it ripens by the first week of June. It also has loads of buds that are just about to open. :-)

Here we have tatsoi & 'bright light' chard from Daphne's Dandelions. They really need to get in the ground but I can't plant them until my new beds are filled. Really need to make that happen soon.

Here are the broad beans that came all the way across the pond from Down on the Allotment. They have just started to flower which I am rather excited about, aren't
they beautiful? You will be seeing lots of these this spring.

The pot of radicchio & onion sets are doing very well. I think radicchio grows better as a fall crop though so we shall see how it does in the spring.

Lastly I plant two Romanesco Broccoli this evening. They are more like a cauliflower and it is recommended to hold off plant them until most of the cold has past. They can't take nearly as much frost as broccoli can. By July I hope to be harvesting some spiky, alien looking heads!


  1. Dan...say the broccoli has no roots? That's weird. Do you think something ate them under the soil? Some bugs will do that....

  2. YES!!! The same thing happened to my cauliflower, soybeans and peas. I'm betting money it's root maggots like I had. Dig up some soil, especially if you had seeds that never sprouted right, and look for little white leaning towards clear very, very little wormie things. Hit them now with DE or they'll get everything else you plant.

  3. EG - It has to be an insect of some kind because it has not been to wet or to cold. Also every other plant is fine. Strange stuff.

    Ribbit - I did dig the whole area and didn't find any insects or larve at all. I will do some more digging tomorrow and see if I come up with any root maggots. Thanks for the info.

  4. Could it be possible that it's root maggots?

    I read that they can make your plants wilt. Check underneath the soil.

    Good luck!

  5. My oriental veg have also been bolting early this year -- i don't think its just your garden! We had a quite cold spring, then about 2 weeks of unusually hot weather here, then cold again, so I think they got confused with the weather. Even though things cooled down, it was too early on. My cilantro is also bolting.

  6. Those broad bean blooms are stunning.

    The broccoli may have suffered from root rot but it is also likely a bug is eating from the understory. Lots of potential culprits. The remaining crop looks good though.

  7. Hehe, I was going to say root maggots or rot, gotta come here more often. Hope it was one of those and you already fixed it!

    I love hearing the bad too, it makes me feel human! Thanks and beautiful arbor!

  8. hello just popped by and had a read. i beleive you're broccoli have been attacked by weavels i've had the problem too. Also i beleive chinese cabbage are meant to be sown only after the longest day otherwise they do go to seed. Good luck with it all, i do love you're woodwork constructions. I generally tend to stay away from hammers and things as my aim is very poor.

  9. I was really into bok choi, but can't grow it because the heat here is so uneven.

    Thanks for the Down on the Allotment link with the autopots!

  10. We usually grow bok choi in July - the autumn is the best time here to stop it bolting.
    It does sound like you have vine weevils - nasty little creatures!

  11. About the 2 x 2's : Either way would be nice. I think the fancy ends on the lintels are better showcased if left as is. Nice workmanship !

    About the beans: I'm a sucker for bean flowers too. Absolutely splendid ! I thought my seed ordering days were done, but I snuck in a couple of last minute hyacinth beans. Magnificent on arbors.Losses are part of the game. :) Everything is looking ab fab and Mr. Early seems in great form !

  12. I posted a photo of my dying broccoli too today. I'm thinking we have the same thing and it is probably root maggots which eat the roots of the plant. They are very small, less than a 1/4" long so you might have missed them.

  13. It's probably root maggots. I have one or two doing the same thing. I pulled it up, and sure enough, there they were! I'm off to get some nematodes from the nursery b4 they crawl off to the other broccoli plants. Curiously enough, the perennial broccoli is fine.

  14. The photos of the garden are great! Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, I also believe it's good to talk about "the bad" as well as "the good" on our gardening blogs. When other people read about the same problems that they are having, it opens up communication so that others can share tips and information on how to "fix" the bad LOL You know what I mean?

    OH and your arbor is awesome! I love it!

  15. Thanks for reading & commenting everyone.

    Miss M - that was my original thought was insetting them from the scroll shows it off better. But when you are inside looking down it looks like I have skimped on 2x2's. I am going to leave it as is though because it is seen outside more then inside.

  16. How did you get seeds from England? I thought it was a total pain to get seeds from outside the U.S.

  17. Sorry to hear about your broccoli but glad you could replace it. How cold have your nights been? I planted some of mine out yesterday and I have to get back to my community plot to check on them.

  18. Fern - International seeds are no problem as long as they are in small quantities.

    Sally - I planted the broccoli out around April 20th and the coldest nights we had in that time is a few degree's above freezing. Broccoli can take a lot of cold as long as it is not prolonged cold.