Friday, May 29, 2009

Seeding Veggies Again

The time has come to start the second crop of broccoli from seed. It seems it is all happening fast now. I started them the evening of May 28th and I plan on transplanting them into the broccoli bed around July 1st. Last year the broccoli was harvested June 18 so this should leave enough time to harvest a few broccoli side shoots before the new crop replaces them. I also took the opportunity to start a few other things that will be late plantings, here is a list of them all:

  • 12 Early Dividend Broccoli, 43 days to harvest
  • 4 Jade Cross Hybrid Brussels Sprouts, 95 days to harvest
  • A community pot of Musselburg Leeks, 90 days to harvest (these will replace the garlic after it is harvested)
  • 4 Red Celery, 120 days to harvest (this is the first fall crop I am starting, as you can tell they need a big head start with their days to harvest. These will be planted in the poly tunnel in July, uncovered of course until probably Sept.)

With all that seeded and placed in the propagator I moved on to soak all the bean seed I am planting today, Friday. I could have started these a while ago but my procrastination got the better of me. Good thing beans grow fast so no need to worry about being a little late. This year I am growing the following beans:
  • Kentucky Blue Pole Beans
  • Purple Podded Pole Beans
  • Dragon Tongue Bush Beans
  • True Red Cranberry Bush Beans (from The Conservative Gardener)


  1. I need to start thinking about my fall crops. I have to make a timeline on when to start my broccoli, cabbage and hopefully brussels sprouts. I wish I knew when the onions and garlic were going to be coming out. It would make planning so much easier.

  2. I started some seeds just the other day. I am getting the corn started inside while we're working on completing the raised beds outside. I'm hoping they will be up enough by Sunday so that we can transplant.

    I think you'll like the Kentucky Blue Pole better than the Kentucky Wonder (just my opinion). Also, those purple-podded poles are awesome! Mine germinated faster and produced faster than any of the other varieties.

    And you can't beat the Dragon Tongue for taste... and never any strings no matter how big they get.

  3. It definitely is getting to be time to get mid season/fall harvest crops going. I will be starting another round of broccoli in about a week - along with other items!

    P.S. ... I like those pottery cups you have your bean seeds in! The inner glaze color is quite beautiful.

  4. I've just seeded two more rows of lettuce and one row of snap peas myself. Getting all excited As the majority of my plants have flowered brilliantly and I discovered a bubble bee nest near by. That saves me from having to build one and trying to lure them in.

  5. I will be starting my second batch of lettuce and endive. After this, I won't be starting anything until the middle of August.


  6. I'm so glad I saw this today. I had pulled some plots in my square foot garden. Non-starters. I wasn't sure if it was too late to plant again, but you're inspiring me to put in a bush bean or perhaps try carrots (again). Winderful wildlife stories too!

  7. Fall! What? I just started the summer stuff!
    Guess I need to study up on this some more and follow the lead of my fellow bloggers.