Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesdays Photography

Here goes Tuesdays Photography Post. Not sure if I have left this out or not but these are not necesaryily photos taken on Tuesdays. This week I have a mix of yard photos & photos from other places:

Yard Photos:

Broad Beans just after germination a few weeks ago.

Epimedium rubrum

Pulmonaria longifolia

Daffodil 'Replete' - They sell them as Pink and say in fine print
that they turn pink as they age. We shall see.

American Goldfinch, Male.

Blue Jay - Nesting in the Maples out back.

Non Yard Photos: The forests & trees are in full bloom here in the eastern part of North America. Every one in the area should take a drive and see some wild blooms, they are spectacular.

White Trillium

Trout Lily

Blood Root


Not sure what this one is. It was a large shrubby
tree that looks to have been planted by the city.


  1. Awesome blooms! And the toad! The broad beans look like they are off to a great start!

  2. What a nice batch of photos! Pulmonaria is my new favorite for this year, both for it's pink and blue flowers and it's interesting mottled leaves.

  3. Incredible! I love the colors and variety. It's amazing you know the names of all of them!!

  4. Love the little baby seedlings :) my own are under attack via a chipmunk :(

  5. Lovely to see the American goldfinch, how beautiful!

  6. DP - Those broad beans really like the cool spring weather. You could proably grow them in Feburary in your climate.

    Sande - I really like Pulmonaria too, they have such nice leaves all summer.

    LeighAnn - I had to check the tags for a few of the names. I used to remember a lot more a few years ago then I do now.

    Waters-deep - I have Squirrels that attack everything, I feel your pain. :-)

    Matron - We have been having a lot of finches visit the feeders this year. It is very nice to see them all.

  7. Everything is flowering out up there! I think your Spring has arrived :-) Love the pic of the frog!