Friday, February 20, 2009

Seedling Update

I checked the propagator this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see three tomatoes had germinated already. I planted these in the evening on Feb 16th and they had germinated by the morning of Feb 20th. If my math is correct, it only took approx. 96hrs, can't complain about that. This morning the propagator was at 28c(82.5f) and I am guessing about 100% humidity. I think the key to getting these warm season crops germinating fast is warm temps & high humidity. This must be why many gardeners have good luck with the zip lock bag method of germinating.

Well I had the camera I took a photo of the yellow onions & shallots, they are doing pretty well. They are however a little floppy even after my trimming. I think this is caused by lack of water, onions like even moisture and I have not been very good at providing this condition. Last night I put them in the laundry sink and filled it with water until it was just below the rim of the pot. I then let them soak for about 15 minutes and then let them drain well. They are much more perky this morning, now that the soil is good and saturated I will have to make sure to not let them dry out again.

Tomorrow I will do an update on the outdoor veggie garden.


  1. I keep thinking about those extra early tomatoes. I would love to get tomatoes in June, but I'm thinking I'm just too lazy (and lacking of light). Good luck on yours.

  2. All of my onions are starting to germinate. I can't wait to get the rest of them in the mail and get them into the flats. I also bought some cold weather tomatoes and I plan on starting those to see how early I can get a tomato.

  3. I wish you luck with the onions from seed. I failed miserably, probably from what you point out about even moisture.

  4. Daphne - I hope with all the extra work it turns out in the end. You should give one a try, I am sure it would do well even if it was grown in a window until it can be planted out.

    Hendria - It does work well, I should have had one sooner.

    Chiot's Run - It will be a fun challenge to try and get early tomatoes, good luck with yours.

    Red - Watering can be a real pain indoors during the winter. My house is as dry as a desert and seems to suck the moisture out of everything.

  5. Hi Dan - it is true that tomatoes do like heat and humidty for germination, but to grow nice and stocky transplants they really like to be at about 50-60 degrees F once they emerge from germination. After they get two sets of true leaves they thrive with 16 hours of light per day and cool temps. Slow and steady growth to transplant is ideal.

  6. phyllis - I do take them out shortly after they germinate, the basement is about 19c(66f). This is the first season I have used the heat mat and it certainly gets things going fast. Great blog by the way, nice chickens.