Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bald Eagle Sighting

Bald Eagle & Nest

Today was a high of 6c(42f) and was the warmest day we have had in 2009. With the some what favorable weather, we headed out for a hike along the Grand River. We came across this guy that pointed out an eagle nest to us. After hanging around the area for a few minutes the bird flew into the nest. This was the fourth Bald Eagle sighting I have had along the river and now that I know where the nest is I will have many more. I can't wait for the spring when I can possibly get Bald Eagle Fledgling shots. The nest is to the left, kind of hard to decipher

American Robin

Also well we were out we ran into a flock of Male American Robins. It was a little puzzling to see so many as I thought they all migrate south. After doing a bit of research I found out that not all males will migrant but the females all do.


  1. Beautiful, Dan.

    Three summers ago, Mr. H rescued a baby robin that fell from a nest on our patio. It was the only one of four that survived, and we felt like we had to be his guardian angels! To our surprise, now a male robin returns each spring and perches on the porch next to Mr. H when he sits outside. At times he brings his "bride", but she's not quite as tame, preferring to perch on the nearby fence. We can't help but think it is the same robin Mr. H tenderly returned to his nest.


  2. I can see it clearly Dan. And the eagle picture is award worthy.

  3. This was so exciting.... love the shot... :)

  4. Granny - It probably is the same robin, cool story!

    Tina - Thanks Tina, I got a couple more today under much better sky conditions.

    Hendria - Yes it was very exciting.