Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double Header Recipe Post

Rosemary's Baked Rice Pudding

Rosemary gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award a few days ago and well I was on her blog thanking her I came cross this recipe for rice pudding. I thought it sounded very good so I gave it a try.

The recipe can be found at the following link. I topped it a couple different ways, the first being whipped cream and the second being sliced almonds & honey. I think I am rather partial to the almonds & honey, it adds a nice crunch and sweetness. This is an excellent recipe!

Crock Pot Chiled Brisket Served On Taco's

I was looking for a crock pot recipe for brisket and came across this recipe. It was incredibly good, easy to make and best of all cheap to make. The recipe can be found on Rancho Gordo's Blog at the following link. I started it in the crock pot in the morning and it was ready by diner time. I sliced the meat, added it to steamed taco's with romaine lettuce, hot sauce and sour cream. Served along side rice & black eyed peas, yum! This recipe will definitely be made again.


  1. Dan;
    Glad you liked the pudding,
    your photos have made the rice pudding look so delicious and I like
    the idea of topping with honey and almonds.
    I will be trying your crock pot chilied brisket recipe soon.
    Your blog is a very enjoyable browse, the creativity of your gardening and the beautiful photos , I always look forward to visiting to see what is new.

  2. Looks yummy. I love creative recipies. Sometimes our food choices get into a rut. Thanks!

  3. I was craving rice pudding the other day. It looks so good!

  4. Yum, you are making me hungry this morning!

  5. Rosemary - Your recipe was very good. Glade you enjoy my blog.

    Sinfonian - I can relate to getting in a food rut. Some times I think if I have to eat meat a, b or c with potatoes and boiled veg I am going to lose it.

    Red - This recipe is a great one, you should give it a try. Just the thing to eat on a cold winter day.

    Skeeter - I bet the rice pudding would really hit the spot this morning.

    Dawn - It would make for a very good lunch.

  6. Congratulations on your award! I've been away and I'm just catching up on your posts. Sorry about the broccoli, glad the garlic and beets are pulling through for you...
    And, hopefully you'll find some recipes for all of the hot chili peppers you get. From my experience, you may find that the spiciness will vary from pepper to pepper. Whenever we stir-fried with them, we never knew what we'd be getting into!

  7. What good-looking recipes! Cool post...I don't think I've ever had rice pudding.

  8. Dan...the dinner was really good. I enjoyed it very much. :)

  9. Sally - Glade you are back! Thanks for the heads up on the pepper's spiceness, this will be my first year growing hot peppers.

    Parsec - I have not had rice pudding many times, to many bad memories of the gloppy stuff at the Chinese Buffet. This recipe however has converted me, it is very tasty.

    Hendria - Good to know.