Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amaryllis blooms

Following up on my reblooming & care of Amaryllis post, here is a post on the blooms that my bulbs produced this year. I will start with the new bulb I purchased this year.

This one is not doing the greatest. It has yet to take root, the second flower stem is sitting dormant in the neck of the bulb and the bulb has lost half of its volume. It did however put out this flower stem so it is not a total loss. I will water very sparingly and hopefully it will take root and put out the second bloom stem.

Now for the one I have rebloomed for three years, it has done great his year.

The third flower stem coming from this double bulb plant

Just recently I noticed a fourth flower stem coming from this double bulb plant

It also has a third bulb starting to develop, A new pot will be in order soon.


  1. They look great. I am amazed how yours haven't stretched. Even though mine is in a sunny window, it is a stretchy beast.

  2. it is exciting to see this flower so much this year....all the photos are great.... :)

  3. Red Icculus - I had these plants in a south facing window until they started to bloom. I turned them every few days and it seems to keep them pretty straight. I have also tide the two flower stems together near the base if you look closely, it keeps them pretty much inline well they are out of the window.

    Hendria - Thanks

  4. You can never go wrong with amaryllis...they grow quickly and, as your pictures show, have spectacular blooms. I have had an amaryllis for a few years now, and it has produced a few side bulbs as yours has. No blooms this year for some reason, though.

  5. I can't decide which one I like best, I am thinking the red and white one.

  6. Parsec - I think they need a cold snap and a resting period to ensure blooms the following year, at least that is how it worked for me.

    On the other hand, my grandma's partner just leaves them in the pot to grow inside all year and they rebloom for him. I guess there is no science to it.

    Tina - I like the red & white one too, I hope it doesn't die. I like how short it is.

  7. Strange how the first one has no foliage. Hum... The second one is beautiful and so big with 4 blooms! Can you even separate them? Will you try to separate the bulbs or just keep going larger with the pot. I left my amaryllis in the ground last year and it bloomed in the late spring. It will be interesting to see if it survived this year with all the freezing temps we had. It may do better with a cold spell....

  8. Skeeter - It would be nice to be able to grow them outside all year. Once the new bulbs start to develop you can separate them. After they bloom I am going to divide them and plant them together in one of those half terracotta pots like I planted the onions in.

  9. Your amaryllis plants are beautiful!