Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strawberry Time!

It is such a nice day today that my Mom and I went Strawberry picking this morning. The berries seemed a little small this year, this maybe because it is still early in the season through. We ended up finding a place that is just on the edge of our City this year which is rather convenient. The last few seasons we have drove about 40km round trip to a farm that is to the west of us. With the amount of gas the truck burns combined with the price of gas it is really not very cost affective anymore to drive that kind of distances just to pick strawberries, low food miles are all the rage now.

We ended up picking 15 Liters (approx. 16 Quarts) of berries so we should be stocked up for the season. I am going to make my strawberry jelly again this year, the recipe is on my Mom's baking blog if anyone is interested at the following link. I have also been eye some recipes for strawberry cannoli, ricotta strawberry muffins as well as a savory strawberry chutney to be paired with fish, pork or chicken. I will keep you posted with what I try and the links to the recipes as I am sure everyone is craving everything strawberry this time of year.

Well thats all folks, Tomorrow I will do an update on my veggie patch!

*sent from my patio via WiFi, oh the beauty of technology.


  1. MMMMMMM strawberry jam! I want some already!

  2. Yay strawberries! Yum. My mom also makes amazing strawberry jam. I should grow some if I can find the room. Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow, strawberries. That's a nice farm... it looks delicious. Are those strawberry flowers?

    I wonder if making strawberry jam is similar to making plum jam? We have too many plums, and I'd love to make jam with them.

  4. It was a nice little farm and yes the flowers are strawberry flowers.

    I would think it would be easier to make plum jam because there would be less work involved preparing the fruit. I found a recipe for plum jam on kraftfood.com it is at the following link